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Divide the cake

Barry Nalboff – Opening for Urano

“Negotiation is stressful. The stakes are high: money, opportunities, time, relationships, reputation. Negotiation can bring out the worst in people, when some try to take advantage of others or simply imitate hard bargaining. that they heard about.”

Sharing the Cake is one of the recommended books of the week by Barry Nalebuff, a professor at Yale University (USA), who explains The negotiation approach he has been teaching for the past fifteen years to MBA students and CEOs of the Yale School of Business and Management, as well as the more than 350,000 online learners on Coursera.

The new way of doing business
The new way of doing business. Image via Geralt on Pixabay.

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“It’s the approach I used to sell my Coca-Cola company. It’s simple and practical, based on game theory. Like all good new ideas, It’s old too. The basic idea goes back more than 2,000 years.The author of the book explained.

The pie model isn’t just for high-risk corporate deals. Also, Nalpuf It is suggested that it is a methodology that will allow lessons to be learned and if I ever have to cancel a lease with a landlord or buy a domain name from someone You have to guess.

Each generation has its own

Ana Sarmiento – Planeta Editorial

“The world is upside down, or at least, that’s what managers and HR departments think a lot. New candidates arrive at interviewers smugly asking why it’s worth working for the company. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Can’t you be thankful for the opportunity?”

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Among its many arguments, Sharing the Cake states that those over the age of 40, who often used to beg an organization to hire them,It is difficult for them to accept that young people have left the committees and companies in which they would have given everything to work.

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However, as absurd as it may seem to us, we would do well to squeeze ourselves in and analyze in detail what we are witnessing: Difficulty hiring the talent we need for the business and moving the business into the future.”

Ana María Sarmiento, Colombian recognized as a mentor to the millennial generation and one of the 100 best women entrepreneurs in Spain, With this book, he intends to incorporate insights into the world of work of new people and those who have been in the professional field for a long time..

For her, “We are living an independent working paper on a global scale that questions traditional ideas of stability, permanence, and exclusivity, While on the other hand, companies seek to ensure their sustainability over time by attracting and finalizing their talents.“.

Max Verstappen, Biography

Max Verstappen – Opening Urano

Few drivers have rocked Formula 1 in the same way as Max Verstappen. Already the youngest driver in the history of the competition, at just 17 years old, his first race with Red Bull at the 2016 Spanish Grand Prix, It saw him become the youngest driver to win a race, reach a podium, or even lead a lap.

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Max Verstappen, Formula 1 racer.
Max Verstappen, Formula 1 racer. Photo: Pixabay from randomwinner.

Son of legendary Formula 1 driver Josh Verstappen, and outstanding kart driver Sophie Komppen, Max was destined to be a racing driver.

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Since his headline-grabbing debut, he has continued to make an indelible impression on the sport, Evoking criticism and applause in equal measure, he finally became the 2021 champion.

Sportswriter James Gray seeks to understand the outspoken nature and aggressive leadership style That makes Verstappen such a great personality before, during and after the races.

Courage call

Ryan Holiday – Random Penguin Publishing

“There is nothing we value more than courage, though there is no longer a dearth of good. However, courage, the first of the four cardinal virtues, is not a precious stone. It is not a diamond, it is the result of a millennia-long process.” It is not oil extracted from the earth, but it is renewable. It is in each of us as it is everywhere, it is something we can all do at any time.“,

Ryan Holiday, bestselling author of books on psychology and philosophy, He reveals that we all have limited, even daily, opportunities to experience courage, but it is still very rare because we are all afraid. And because it is easier not to participate.

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2 We prefer to stick to what is safe. We leave it to the other, someone who is more qualified, better prepared and loses less.

When you do what others cannot or do not want to do. When you do what people think you shouldn’t or can’t do. Otherwise, it is not brave. He says.

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From the actions of those who answered the call of fate, the author shows us How can we take a step forward even when others hold back “because courage is much more than putting up a fight”.

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