Blizzard may develop an open-world online RPG, according to a job posting

The studio is looking for a professional with experience in these areas to join an unannounced project.

Looks like a blizzard has never receded before legal problems The company faces while moving forward Good bunch of initiatives How do immortal devil u Monitor 2. Despite everything, the company is clearly continuing to extract juice from its idea machine, as it is now looking for professionals from the video game world to join in. undeclared project To be included in the type RPG And it will have mechanics Open world and online mode.

Blizzard is looking for a professional with experience in RPG, FPS and open world gamesSo we can read it on the page vacancies Blizzard, where there is a stand for Affiliate Content Designer. Opportunity accompanied by responsibilities and requirements such as “Design and implement new events and content for an open world”, “Understand the reward mechanics of RPGs”, “Experience of working in games The first person to shootand “Previous experience designing online/multiplayer games.”

Image from Diablo II: Resurrection

This way we can go get an idea What could be within reach of a blizzard, although it is clear that there is still a lot of information to know to understand its intentions. In addition, this job offer, obviously, does not give clues about what stage of development the project is going through, so they may have to go through few months For Blizzard to reward us for waiting with some first pics.

so and with Lots of unknowns On air as an official announcement or the platforms on which the game will be released, it is clear that Blizzard continues to work with its initiatives. An effort we’ve seen recently Diablo 2: Resurrection Since then, although he still suffers from Frequent failures of your serversThis is still proof that Blizzard has the ability to develop new ideas and Update your best games, as we tell you on our site Diablo 2: erected review.

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