“Batman” is the highest-grossing release in the US this year so far

“Batman”, the new movie from Warner Bros. and DC Comics, is the highest-grossing premiere so far this year, in the United States. In the first two days (Thursday and Friday), the movie starring Robert Patterson It has reached 57 million dollars and is expected to reach 120 million with shows on Saturday and Sunday.

So far, the most watched movie in its premiere so far in 2022 is “Unknown”With Tom Hollandwhich reached 44 million in its first three days.

“Batman Begins”The first film in the trilogy, directed by Christopher Nolan In 2005, she made $48 million in her first weekend, which is definitely a number “Batman” will double.

However, his other two films, “The Dark Knight” And the “The Dark Knight Rises”, 158 and 160 million, respectively. But these huge numbers are due to the fact that the saga was already underway and expectations to continue Christian Bale’s Batman vision were very high.

A new proposal is being made “Batman” And her team has not yet been favored by the public. But the way things are going on the level of criticism and acceptance, everything seems to indicate that it will not be difficult for him to achieve this.

‘Batman’: Matt Reeves announces spin-off that will be linked to Arkham Asylum

HBO Max has confirmed that the saga will expand with new stories based on the events that took place in it “Batman”. One of the films that tops this plan will be the one starring Colin Farrell and giving life to Oswald Cobble Butt even more. a favour Like “Penguin”. But the production of a series based on the Arkham Asylum also went into the volume.

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Through an interview with the director Matt Reeves to Toronto Sun, mentioned what is being done in the production of one of Batman’s enemies, “Penguin” and working with the actor who stars in it. “We’re making this Penguin series and one of the best things about it is Colin Farrell, like you’ve never seen him before. He’s so amazing and steals the scenes. He’s so funny and so cool.”

Also, the director highlighted how to turn this production into a series, and convince the producers: “On the way, we thought maybe we could do it as a series, so I talked to HBO Max and showed them Colin in the movie and talked to them about what it could be and they said, ‘Let’s we do that.

On the other hand, he also mentioned that the other episodic element will be based on the Arkham Asylum: “We’re doing that and we’re doing another series that connects to Arkham (Asylum)” said director Matt Reeves. What he means is that apart from the Gotham Police Department, the new cross-links at the Mental Health Institute that have been mentioned in various stories. Batman. After these statements, many users can begin to theorize about the Arkham Asylum conspiracy, since this center has been seen in comics, films and even in video games in which this mental health center served as a place.

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