As part of its latest proposal to Argentina, India has committed to installing Russian ejector seats in the LCA Tejas

Echo of publications from the Asian continent, HAL will seek to go ahead with the installation of Russian ejection seats as part of India’s proposal for LCA Tejas supersonic fighters for the Argentine Air Force.. The news was reported by the news outlet Eurasian timeswhile the fighter acquisition project for the Argentine Air Force focuses on US proposals F16 The People’s Republic of China FC-1 Xianlong (JF-17 Thunder).

Although one proposal was evaluated during the Air Force’s lengthy selection process for a supersonic fighter, HAL’s LCA Tejas presented the significant presence of components of British origin as the main limitation to the Argentine authorities.Which is subject to revocation resulting from failure to approve the corresponding export licences. This was stated by the head of the defense portfolio, Jorge Tayana, in an interview conducted by Indian media during his visit to the country last July.

After consulting WION media about the proposal submitted by LCA Tejas, Taiana expressed: “We sent our pilots to test and study different aircraft from different countries. One problem, for example, is that the aircraft cannot have a single part of British origin because the British do not sell them to Argentina. In the case of Tejas, it contains 16 parts of the United Kingdom. Therefore, the company has to change and replace those parts“.

The mention of this situation indicates the presence of a significant amount of components of the said asset in LCA Tejas. However, as reported in recent years, HAL and the Indian government, seeking to increase the export potential of the indigenous fighter, are replacing imported components with those manufactured locally.

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Returning to what was reported on August 31, in the context of a meeting between the Indian Ambassador and the Commander of the Argentine Air Force, Xavier Isaac, from Eurasian times They noted that HAL continues to redouble its efforts to position LCA Tejas as an option. I even offered to change the ejection seat from Martin Baker to one made in Russia. More precisely, the one called Zvezda K-36, which the company has significant experience in operating and maintaining as it operates MiG and Sukhoi Su-30MKI family fighters of the Indian Armed Forces.

In this regard, the media reported the following: “A firm proposal has been made to the Argentines. Work on replacing British components has already begun“, without providing further details. As noted, from the above-mentioned news portal, HAL has the expertise acquired through the ejection seats of the Russian company Zvezda, as part of the indigenous manufacturing process under license for the Su-30MKI fighters operated by the Indian Air Force .

However, so far, despite the obvious efforts of the Indian government and companies, the choice of future supersonic fighter by the Argentine Air Force depends mainly on the choices of the Americans and China. Hoping to provide the political authority with options that have been analyzed and evaluated so that it can decide whether or not to advance the integration of these combat aircraft in an economic and political context full of uncertainty during the coming months.

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