Argentinians were hit by a patrol car in Mexico: they are very dangerous and they need $ 45,000

It was an Argentine couple He was hit by a police car Last Saturday in Cozumel, MexicoAnd the Your life is in danger. The man is on a ventilator, the woman has her leg amputated, and the parents are denouncing that they are asking for $70,000 for the operation.

Luz Arias and Darian Garcia were riding a motorcycle for a job interview on an island Cozumel, separated from Playa del Carmen by the Caribbean Sea, when they were hit by a Mexican police patrol car that was coming at high speed. The pictures are horrific.

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Darian had his body destroyed and his ribs broken and cut into pieces embedded in his lungs. He has fractured limbs, jaw, spine and hipand a hard blow to the head,” says Alan Garcia, his cousin.

Luz’s situation is less dangerous than Darian’s, but she is still in danger. The young woman had a broken wrist, a severe blow to the head, and one of her legs was amputated so she could survive. From Mexico They ask over $50,000 to run it.

They were run over by the police, picked up by neighbors and ‘treated like animals’

Reconstructing the events, when Luz and Darian go to a job interview, scenes of horror emerge. the police He was brutally run over, but the worst followed.

“The police didn’t catch them, but Neighbors did not wait for the ambulance to arrive. Instead of immobilizing them, which they needed, they took them just that way to a communal hospital,” says Cousin Darian. Arias went to one hospital and Stako went to another.

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According to Alan Garcia, the young man’s family was told that they could not treat him because they did not have a highly complex ward in Cozumel, and that if they wanted to transfer him to a hospital in Merida They had to give An advance of $20,000 to cover the operation and hospital days.

Luz’s story has no different trajectory. Not only was she treated at the hospital she was referred to, but – despite having health insurance – It took two days to get her to the clinic her family requested.

Darian Stako and Luz Arias, on another journey they took.  (Photo: The Garcia Family).
Darian Stako and Luz Arias, on another journey they took. (Photo: The Garcia Family).

A plane is the only way out and an ultimatum: “If we don’t have a transport tomorrow, they’ll kick him out of the hospital”

“If my two dollars are not deposited in the hospital by tomorrow or Darian is not transferred to Argentina, Get him out of the hospital like a dog‘,” they told Alan Garcia, a cousin of Darianne Stako, on Monday.

Both the Arias and Stako families highlight the work of the State Department, which first got them on a plane trip for $85,000, then managed to Plane from Tierra del Fuego Who charges only equipment costs.

Two Argentines were hit by a patrol car in Mexico and they need US,000 to bring them into the country

“Out of 85K, we spent 45K, which is very good because We have to collect half the money. We miss five and a half million pesos.”Alan Garcia says:

But the group goes against the clock, because they have already sent a final hospital warning to the victim’s family. “We need Darien back to Argentina between tomorrow and the day after. In Mexico, they hold him in a corridor when he has to be in intensive care. They put him as an animal at a vet, and told us they’d fire him if we didn’t pay.”

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According to the families, the plane is already available to be able to search for Luz and Darian, only the money is left and the health of both is stable to survive in transit.

“At Fernandez Hospital, they are waiting for Darian to have surgery and to do whatever is necessary. The most urgent matter concerns the lungsTo help him breathe,” says Alan.

To help the Argentines run over in Mexico with a patrol car

Families make a group to get to $25,000 must be collected for transfer. data for cooperation.

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