The American “Mass” Bourgeoisie and the Chief Executives of the Constitution | How do I rearrange the red circle after taking over the new Minister of Economy

Sergio Massa’s arrival at the Ministry of Economy led to important movements in the economic power base, shaken by the Todos Front’s decision to expel his predecessor and technical staff, Martin Guzmán, to give power and management to a politician that the majority of businessmen had known for years. But That walking in Massa through the red circle is not a pleasant walk Rather, it is a path that combines support, some strong rejection, and a number of mysteries that depend on the effectiveness of its management and the puppet shown by it to tame sectors that skillfully deal with times of betrayal.

On the current map, Massa maintains a well-armed national bourgeoisie that was already accompanying him. There are many companies Daniel Villa and Jose Luis Manzano, banker Jorge Prieto, the current owner of Banco Macro and president of River. In addition, the three are speaking with other CEOs who have nearly preached the minister’s speech. Prieto also comes from a very cold relationship with Guzmán, which today turned into an improvement in the association. Meanwhile, Manzano, former Minister of Menem and current president of several companies, including energy and investment funds, played a strong role in assembling teams from the Secretariat led by Dario Martinez. It was more than requested by Federico Bernal, who went to hydrocarbons. The other most famous fact is that the current Minister of Energy, Flavia Royon, of Salta, has worked for more than twelve years at Bermejo Refrigerator, owned by the Brito family.

The other strong change in trend is taking place in the Industrial Union (UIA). There the Minister of Production, José Ignacio De Mendiguren, is rebuilding the links and damaged stations with Techint and the president, Daniel Funes de Rioja. The latter spoke directly with Massa, who put several of them on the phone to ask to face the storm. Recent history also tells us that after Massa’s arrival, Paolo Roca, owner of Techint, has begun to propagate the idea that it is not clear that Mauricio Macri, who he sees as almost the only opponent team of size, has the technical ability to judge in the next round. He wasn’t the only one: That was said by a high-ranking business leader at a recent meeting. Without too many frills or goals in her favour, Massa had the establishment in mind. Another case, the case of Carlos Achetoni, President of the Agricultural Federation (FAA), who asked him in a private meeting not to be a candidate in 2023. In the last hours, in an interview with Futurock, a member of the liaison table emphasized that “the opposition does not contribute to the welfare of the people”, She considered that she could do so if Massa was not a candidate.

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Rockefeller, Negroponte and Stanley

That support from the CIS was felt strongly last week in the short way Massa was armed at the Council of the Americas meeting at the Alvear Hotel. There he spoke with the heads of the Group of Six (UIA, Chamber of Commerce, Construction, Stock Exchange, National Banks and Rural Society). But the board left Massa with some clear signs on how certain sectors are playing. From the delegation accompanying the US Ambassador, Mark StanleyThey sought after their demand to arm themselves with politics now and not before the elections, to cast the weight of that call directed more than anything to the opposition. But beyond Massa’s lines with the United States, a businessman who was there perfectly described him: “The United States is neither bad nor good, it is the United States.” This statement proves that the Minister does not have the purchased space.

The board has a visible face which is Susan Segal. Historical links with Christina Kirchner, learned in 2012 to organize a tour of Houston for former minister Amadou Boudou to explain why Argentina nationalized the YPF. But Segal, who has chaired the board since 2003 and is a director of companies such as Mercado Libre, Scotiabank and Vista Oil, Miguel Galuccio’s oil company, is the number one man for one of the world’s two most important American lobby magnates and plays hand in hand. with the politics of that country. some data.

The Council of the Americas is the brainchild of banker David Rockefeller, who knew how to finance coups across the region. Segal’s second man is a man of great weight: a reference to John Dimitri Negroponte. The oil tycoon was born in London and has worked in foreign affairs for the US government since the 1970s and formerly worked for the CIA. In the 70s and 80s, as ambassador to Honduras, he led part of the “Contras” operations in Nicaragua. Then, after the attacks on the Twin Towers in 2001, George Bush Jr. sent him to Iraq. Anecdotal data shows that the board, along with the Association of the Americas, is more than just a business representation. Therefore, anything that occurs in this context should not be read as an isolated gesture. It is also a fact that reflects Massa’s relative management in the US scenario.

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Field and the new businessman chat

The Council of Trade and Production (Cicyp) has become one of the most important centers of business today. Until a few weeks ago, it was headed by Funes de Rioja, and by former UIA, Miguel Acevedo, and Eduardo Ornician, Corporación América. But now Massa will have a problem there. The new president is the Vice President of the Rural Association, Marcus Pereda Born. “There will be a twist there,” said someone who knows the cloth. Berida is a hardliner in the anti-Pyronian camp, and The most important funder of the campaign was former governor Maria Eugenia Vidal.

Pereda Bourne came to rural power by the former minister Macri, Luis Miguel Echevere, part of the field that does not want to negotiate with the government. A tribune that will be difficult for the minister.

On the other hand, while the WhatsApp Nuestra Voz group was hacked, another group of a private nature has grown. The sources that are part of it Page I12 Which is called “Constituya”, and brings together CEOS who believe that “it is time to strengthen the values ​​of the national constitution”. Those values, according to those there, are “economic and political freedom.” Some of those who created it still play Together for Change, including former FIAT, Cristiano Rattazzi; Gonzalo Tanoera, of Citricola San Miguel, Ricardo “Dickey” Smith Estrada, meat producer and SRA Director, and Agustin Otero Monsignor.

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