Another scammer appears on Tinder

The man contacted his victim through Tinder and led her to believe that he was a “successful businessman” with ties to Hollywood.

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After the success of the documentary Netflix “Tinder scammer” People from all over the world are following the story closely.

But the fact that attracted attention on social networks was a case similar to the Israeli case Simon Leviev.

This is the case of Richard John Dexter, 38, Who is the origin? United kingdom.

The man was accused of defrauding a woman he met on the same dating app. He also pleaded guilty to seven counts of fraud.

It seems that the fraud occurred in May 2015, when he met Richard Amrita Sebastian. After his statements and acceptance of the charges, the man was sentenced to four and a half years in prison.

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This is the situation

Robert Bryanthe prosecutor in the case stated that Dexter was pretending to be a businessmanwho sold biopharmaceutical technology and participated in the Hollywood studios.

He led his victim to believe that his friends had broken up and were very worried about the situation. She said in a letter: “Most of my friends have joined with debts and concerns, all earning between £40,000 and £60,000. I bought a hot air balloon yesterday just because I could.”


However, the woman who was scammed told an international media that she suspected it Dexter It wasn’t him who said it was him, though, so I still gave him the money.

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“Because I already had so much money, I felt trapped to keep it aside and it felt like £5,500 was a small loan,” she said. Amrita.

“Dexter lied saying he closed 3m for £3.6m,” he told the Daily Mail.

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