Video: She traveled several kilometers to visit her boyfriend, and found him with another, she said so on TikTok

Marie Vatz I thought it was romantic when I traveled across the country to visit her boyfriend, but was saddened when she realized what was happening: Her lover had a parallel relationship.

Marie revealed in a video that she traveled to her boyfriend’s house and knocked on his door, but no one answered despite knowing he was inside, because he had another girl with him in his room.

In the video, Marie is seen standing in a corridor outside her room, standing confused, writing: “When you go to visit your friend and he doesn’t answer because he has a girl.” The footage quickly went viral and current Over 28.4 million visits, with over 7,000 comments who leave messages of support.

So many commenters Share their own experiences with long distance dating, where they claimed that they themselves went through similar tragic situations. One person said, “Exactly the same thing happened, except that his roommate let me into his room without him knowing.” Another added, “It’s been done poorly in the past.” A third wrote, “I was going to visit my ex-wife in college and he told me not to come because I was his ‘girl.’ Which means he was cheating on me.”

Others too They tried to cheer up Mary, Since they tell her she deserves better than the guy who cheats on her. Someone said, “You don’t deserve it!” As another person insisted: “This is my biggest fear, which is why I would never do this.”

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