SpaceX has announced that it will send humans into space this year “further” than lunar flights

Elon Musk’s space exploration company has announced that his ship will launch a new ship A program called Polaris in late 2022, with two flights this year.

The crew will include American billionaire and SpaceX donor Jared Isaacman., who last year became the first person to purchase the first space tourism flight from SpaceX. He will be joined by Air Force pilot Scott Petit and engineers Sara Gillis and Anna Menon on board.

Ambitious missions will see engineers participate The first commercial spacewalk, A feat that only government space agencies have achieved so far.

“We’re going to go further into space than humans have since we last walked on the moon,” emotional Jared Isakman told Today’s programme. The businessman said there will be two missions on his current Dragon spacecraft in November or December This year it will help the company prepare for the first manned mission in the coming years on the new Starship rocket, which it is currently developing in cooperation with NASA.

he added: “We will learn everything we can from the Polaris programSpaceX will learn a lot as they prepare for the Starship’s first manned space flight, and I think we’ll combine that to shape what the second mission should ultimately look like. “

SpaceX eventually wants to use Starship as a transportation system A fully reusable two-stage rocket that can send humans and large payload groups to the Moon, Mars and other locations in the Solar System.

Billionair We believe that your company will be able to put a person on this planet within 10 yearsBut he hopes his mission will be accomplished much sooner. Mask told Lex Fridman Podcast in December that the best-case scenario would be in about five years, it was reported. Dilystar.

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