All of their releases so far constitute the “first saga”.

The Witch Queen expansion will play a significant role in its conclusion, but has been postponed until 2022.

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As announced a few weeks ago, Bungee Share for a long time Development update From Destiny 2 On his official blog to talk about Changes planned for 2021 and beyond. Fans were expecting comments about future raids and announced features (sending shields, balance, crossplay) but in addition to all of this, there were also comments about the franchise configuration that we weren’t expecting, which reinforce the idea. Single Action MMO That was spreading for two years.

The Witch Queen will start a story different from anything we’ve tried so farJoe BlackburnThus, lead designer Joe Blackburn (now, A fully senior D2 boss) That everything we’ve seen in the franchise so far – full games, expansions, seasons, and more – is part of “First Story” called “The Saga of Light and Darkness”. The next episode, The Witch Queen, will play a critical role in it: “A spark will ignite a narrative strongly interconnected between Lightfall and its aftermath, unlike anything we’ve tried so far, with characters, arcs, heroes and villains between multiple future releases.”

However, to achieve this goal there will also be some changes in planning. For example, if all of the annual expansions were released sometime in the fall so far, with The Witch Queen the schedule would move to Spring, which represented a delay. Until the first months of 2022. Supposedly, Lightfall, the previously planned expansion for that year, has now moved into 2023. But that also means that there will be another episode after Lightfall that can tie all of these events together.

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We want to give ourselves enough time to properly build this journeyJoe Blackburn“We wanted to make sure we gave ourselves enough time to properly build this journey, starting with an exceptional first chapter on The Witch Queen.” In the past, Bungie had already set up Beyond the light, Queen of the Witch and Lightfall as “Trio of Darkness.” Just as an entry, several unfounded rumors in the past pointed to a very similar trend, where he was Equivalent to “Destiny 3” It will actually be a back and forth MMO based on the events of the original game. Of course, those rumors have never been confirmed.

Whatever the case, the post also talks about some Scheduled news for this year. For example, it has been insisted The Glass Chamber, the franchise’s first foray (And one of the most beloved to this day) will be returning with updated graphics, story, and mechanics next season. I will bring with her a Master the difficulty setting This will also apply to all other post-credit PvE activities that will bring in variable “expert” rewards (such as Nightfall Strikes and Trials of Osiris) far into the future.

Speaking of a PvP scenario, which is a hugely controversial scenario among the community, Bungie says it will double the number of employees assigned to Fight against fraud At the technical and legal levels; That would balance many abilities and weapons with the Stasis element in mind (the latter would receive new weapons in the future) and that console players would only be able to confront PC players by calling to avoid inequality. In addition, previously forgotten characters like Ikora Rey or Ada-1: The First, will return with the story The Witch Queen; And the second, with the first display of the device change. We recommend reading the notes fully to get a deeper idea of ​​all this news.

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Bungie has been talking about the growth for a few weeks: After announcing the redesign of its studios to welcome new employees and teams to work on new IP addresses, at 3DJuegos we are encouraging us to talk in depth about The future of the studio and its fields. Destiny has established himself as a dominant thief, perhaps in the WoW context of the MMORPG arena. The others, meanwhile, were not so lucky: without going further this week Anthem announced the completion of its development.

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