iOS 15: New feature to improve focus and switch FaceTime to be more like Zoom

within WWDC 21, Apple’s annual developer event, The company announced the arrival of iOS 15A major update with new features that will improve your iPhone experience. Among the novelties are changes to the video calling service FaceTime and Focus, a new way to keep users focused on their tasks.

According to the company, the update will be made FaceTime calls are ‘more natural’. You will support this service for spatial soundIn other words, it improves audio quality in an effort to break down the barriers between face-to-face and virtuality. Using artificial intelligence, it will block ambient sound and add visibility reticle display (grid view, In the best zoom style), i.e. mosaic width. Additionally, the camera app’s portrait mode is now improved for FaceTime video calls on iOS15.

Likewise, FaceTime will add the functionality SharePlay, which allows you to share items during video calls such as music or allow two users to watch the same video at the same time and still see their reaction at the same time with the app, or share the video with Apple TV or external services by launching the SharePlay API.

On the path of digital wellbeing, the new version of the operating system also includes new functions to help users stay focused focus. in this meaning, It revamped the notifications design, with summaries generated by AI (artificial intelligence) so the user can catch up on important notifications, that don’t come from other people, and that are separated from each other.

The Camera app’s Portrait mode is now optimized for FaceTime video calls on iOS15

Reminders have also been included in iMessage for the purpose of Warn others when the user activates the “Do Not Disturb” mode in the system. Within this mode, the user can also choose what type of notifications should be prioritized.

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“For many people, the iPhone has become indispensable, and this year we have created even more ways in which it can improve our daily lives,” he said. Craig Federighi, Senior Vice President of Software Engineering at Apple.

Another notable novelty is Spotlight It allows users to find their photos directly from the home screen. In addition, Apple Music will be present in the system’s memories, where it will be able to automatically add music to photo galleries that the system creates.

The new operating system will reach all users next fall in the United States.

New productivity features with iPadOS 15

Apple today also revealed a preview of the iPadOS 15 operating system, with new features that enhance the capabilities of the iPad, helping users be more productive. The home screen adds functionality, with new “widgets” for contacts to quickly call people, photos or play video games, as well as a larger format that fits the larger screen of the iPad.

To keep the apps accessible, Apple has brought the iOS App Library to the iPad, so that the user can customize it. The split-screen button now takes you directly to the home screen to make it faster to switch between split-screen apps, as well as drag an app on top of another, among other new features, like the app shelf, to host widgets.

The Notes app extends to the entire system with functionality Quick Notes Or Quick Notes, which can be taken from any native system app like Safari, manually or by copying text. Apple’s native Translator app also comes to the iPad, with functions like Auto Translate, which lets you speak directly and translate into text in real time. It is also an extended function of the entire system.

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