The US and Canada offset the decline in Becle’s sales in Mexico

Mexico City /

last year Become sales, Producer and marketer of alcoholic beveragesThey numbered 35,035 million pesosThis means a growth of 19.4% compared to the results of the previous year.

According to your financial report sent to the Mexican stock exchange, This result was mainly driven by growth in the US and Canadian markets35.5 percent; In contrast, sales in Mexico recorded a negative contrast of 8.7 percent. While in the rest of the world the decrease was 3.5% in sales.

Throughout the year, Jose Cuervo increased in volume by 0.4 percent compared to the previous year It accounts for 31 percent of the total volume. Other tequila varieties, represented by 15.6 percent fungi in the overall size of the company and increased by 3.1 percent compared to 2019.

one more time The category of pre-blended products was the highest growing, With an increase of 61.1 percent, the division reached 20.9 percent of the company’s total size.

In terms of sales, Jose Cuervo grew 19.4 percent; Other brands of tequila recorded an increase of 21.2 percent; Other spirits 6.8%; Non-alcoholic drinks decreased by 22.9 percent; Pre-mixed drinks increased by 80.1 percent, unlike the previous year.


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