A taxi driver in the middle of the road turned: there is a wounded police officer

All this happened when both cars were going in the same direction towards Honduras Boulevard and The taxi driver turned to go to another direction. According to what was published by the portal digital centenaryBecause of this maneuver, the motorcycle hit the rear left wheel of the taxi, which is why the police officer, who is known to serve at Police Station 52, fell on the asphalt and received several blows.

The place was attended by hospital staff who performed various examinations to rule out serious injuries. By ten in the morning, the man was already discharged from the hospital.

Personnel from the aforementioned unit and personnel from the Vila Obrera Transit Division were also present at the scene and proceeded to block the road on Alfredo Godoy Diaz Avenue to carry out the relevant tests.

On the other hand, the authorities reported this The taxi driver was given a breathalyzer test, which resulted in a negative result. Seeing this, they proceeded to fine him for turning over the U, a maneuver prohibited by the Traffic Code.

According to the same local media, in this sector it is common to observe this type of maneuver, as well as the counter traffic of many vehicles that go from the neighborhood of 173 houses to the Libertador.

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