What do I miss about the 15 Pro Max?

I’ll tell you my first impressions after switching from iPhone 15 Pro Max to iPhone 15 Pro

iPhone 15 Pro Natural Titanium | Author: Fran Pisora, Andro4all

I recently had the opportunity to get… iPhone 15 Pro Thanks to Apple, one of the latest models introduced by Apple. I’ll be using this model as my main device for the next few months, but I’ll bring it to you My first impressions From the perspective of the user who was using the larger model Nearly ten years.

It all started with him iPhone 6 Plus in 2014 Since then I got 7 Plus, 8 Plus, 11 Pro Max, 13 Pro Max, 14 Pro Max And 15 Pro Max. he iPhone 15 Pro Max It’s been my main device since September last year, and I’ve already told you about my experience analyzing it, and now I want to do the same with… iPhone 15 Pro. But first, I’ll tell you my first impressions.

Screen size is the big difference

One of the important things The differences between the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max are its screen size. The Pro Max model has a 6.7-inch screen, while the Pro model has a 6.7-inch screen 6.1 inches. This difference completely changes the experience. Whether when you use it or take it with you.

The screen is the same, the panel XDR OLED with 120Hz adaptive refresh rate which Apple calls ProMotion. And we also find Always-on screen On the iPhone 15 Pro, it is a technology that allows the screen to never turn off and elements such as the time or widgets can be seen. A technology that barely has an impact on the battery, because it is smart.

If, The iPhone 15 Pro is very comfortable in many aspects. It’s so easy to use with one hand that now I don’t look like a ninja using it that way. And also when carrying it. Fits in any pocket. It weighs nothing. In these two aspects it outperforms the iPhone 15 Pro Maxwho has used both, is sometimes uncomfortable in both cases.

iPhone 15 Pro display

The size of the device and the screen is the big difference

But I think this year the screen size is not the only thing that helps make it so comfortable and light. Titanium is also partly responsible for reducing the weight of the device. It also features new, slightly rounded edges, making it extremely comfortable in the hand and non-sticky. Very good experience overall, really. It was a radical change that I got used to very quickly now.

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Yes in deed, The drawback I see is that things don’t seem the same.. It’s obviously a size issue, but I also feel like the screen is narrower on the Pro model and that it doesn’t fit as many things as it does on the Pro Max model. It has happened to me many times that during these days, I miss seeing things I used to see on screen without having to scroll. Or, for example, see the information cut from some tools.

However, thanks to this change, I was able to achieve it How well iOS adapts to screens. In places like bookmarks or widgets in Safari, widgets are obviously larger or smaller depending on the screen size. It’s still early days, but I still don’t know what’s more useful, the bigger screen or the convenience.

The photography system is another highlight

In the photographic system we also find differences. While in the iPhone 15 Pro Max we have a three-lens system, the main lens is 48 megapixels, On the 15 Pro, it’s the same, but without the quad camera that allows for 5x optical zoom. But both models have something in common, which is their “seven lenses”, but with differences. On the iPhone 15 Pro Max it looks like this:

  • precise
  • 13mm (ultra wide angle)
  • 24mm (1×)
  • 28 mm (1.2×)
  • 35 mm (1.5×)
  • 48mm (2x)
  • 120mm (5x)

On the iPhone 15 Pro, the lens layout is fairly similar, but with some changes. It is as follows:

  • precise
  • 13mm (ultra wide angle)
  • 24mm (1×)
  • 28 mm (1.2×)
  • 35 mm (1.5×)
  • 48mm (2x)
  • 77 mm (3x)
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From 3x onwards, it actually becomes Digital zoom. Of course, the 3x zoom is also very good and captures plenty of HDR. On the other hand, the 5x has a lot of detail despite being closer to the elements.


Autonomy is another department where the difference in size is noticeable. I won’t stop talking about data, because Apple itself doesn’t sell data, but experiences. I must say my usage is moderate and I feel it Big difference between both models. With the 15 Pro Max, I don’t worry about that all day, but with the 15 Pro, I do.

Autonomy on the 15 Pro without disabling anything, lasts all day without a problem. However, I feel like on one of those intense days, I might have to use the charger. Overall, it has very good autonomy, but the Pro Max wins the battle in this department.


After I immersed myself in the experience iPhone 15 Pro As a regular user of the larger models for nearly a decade, I can say that this transformation has been remarkably interesting. Since I started with the iPhone 6 Plus in 2014, I’ve tested every new iteration of Apple’s larger models, all the way up to the iPhone 15 Pro Max, which has been my faithful companion since last September.

The most noticeable difference when switching to the Pro is undoubtedly the screen size. The Pro is more compact and easier to manage than the Max models I’ve previously used. This change has been a revelation in terms of ease of use and portability with one hand More convenient to carry and use in daily life situations.

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The design of the iPhone 15 Pro phone has slightly rounded edges and the use of titanium material to reduce weight, also contributes to providing a more comfortable and comfortable experience. However, the Pro model’s narrower screen sometimes feels limited compared to the visual range offered by the Max models. This reduction in visual space can be noticeable, especially when consuming multimedia content or viewing information in gadgets.

However, iOS’s adaptation to different screens is notable, displaying an interface that intelligently adapts to the available size. This change got me thinking about what is most important to me: Bigger screen or more comfortable to use? It’s a question I keep thinking about.

In terms of photography, The iPhone 15 Pro offers a slightly different system than the Max model, with a lens arrangement that remains impressive and versatile. the Absence of 5x optical zoom This may be a drawback for some users, but the overall performance of the imaging system is still exceptional.

Based on the independenceAlthough the iPhone 15 Pro offers good battery life for moderate use, the Max model clearly has a big advantage in this regard. On intense days, the iPhone 15 Pro may require additional chargingwhile the Max model provides more consistent autonomy.

Briefly, iPhone 15 Pro It offers a markedly different experience from the Max models, with advantages in terms of comfort and portability, but with some trade-offs in terms of visual space and battery life. It’s an impressive device in many ways, however The choice between this model and the Max model depends on the individual priorities of each user.

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