The opening Ultimate Team pack is revealed in this video

Just yesterday we talked about it Some leaks regarding the inaugural Ultimate Team pack In EA Sports FC 24 (plus other highlights about Evolutions Cards). Well, now it’s time to move on because it looks like it is The opening package sequence is revealed through a video clip Who posted a Twitter account @employee.

Potential EA Sports FC 24 Opening Pack (Leaked)

It fits with yesterday’s leak, because we did The sequence of other seasons in which the main player’s nationality, position and club appear in different parts. In fact, I think it is very similar to FIFA 20 but without the famous lobby.

clearly, This is not official information and is far from confirmed That this will be the inaugural pack for EA Sports FC 24. But from the details in the cinema, I think it’s very likely to be true. Despite the fact that the player stats are kinda weird, as we end up seeing Harry Kane averaging 99 (maybe because it’s a beta).

In the event that the content of the video is correct and we saw it in the video game, The kind of speech Leo Messi sent is absolutely amazing. Since it’s not like the OTW and it’s not like other special editions either, maybe it’s a novelty. It may be associated with some unprecedented event.

And we don’t know If the opening beam cinematic changes if the footballer is not a walker. I think if you are a low to medium player you don’t need to see the boards in order and it will take less time.

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IF’s of Buffon and Van Dijk’s design matches the official design already provided by EA Sports.

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