They asked artificial intelligence where God is and the answer surprised more than one

Since artificial intelligence is available to any user, It became more and more common to ask him questions on all sorts of topicsespecially in relation to those that are still unknown to us, that seek some premonitions about the future or insights on issues that remain a mystery.

For this, The artificial intelligence was consulted on what the place would look like Where is God?something that many religious and philosophical currents have tried to answer, but they have no certainty about it.

With the help of the platform mid-flightwhich creates images or illustrations based on user requests User shared images recreated by artificial intelligence when asked what they imagine it would look like The place where God is.

Where does God dwell according to the Midjourney platform? Image: Illustration created by Midjourney

In these pictures you can see something like A paradise full of plants, natural light and crystal clear water. It is worth remembering that these are only interpretations provided by Amnesty International and have no demonstrable support.

On the other hand, when asked chatwhich is one of the most popular artificial intelligence tools, How is the place where God is?He noted that “its nature is the subject of deep and thoughtful debate in various religious and philosophical traditions.

According to the theologies of many religions, God is considered a supreme being And beyond human understanding. Therefore, describe the place where God is It is complex, because it is not limited to a specific physical space..

In addition, it confirms that the descriptions that can be found are product Religious and spiritual beliefswhich varies according to Individual traditions and interpretationsbecause Everyone can have their own perception How is the place where God is.

In some images, God is seen as a Greek deity Image: Hoi Krypto

In Midjourney, photos How can God be seen. In the illustrations you can see an object with human formwith White beard and great strengthadjectives similar to those attributed to Zeus in legends.

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