Floods due to overflowing rivers in Uruguay: There are more than 3,000 displaced people

Families evacuated in Concordia after the Uruguay River flooded

A total of 3,034 people remain displaced from their homes in Uruguay due to floods Affecting different regions of the country, according to the latest official report issued on Sunday.

According to the situation report provided by the National Emergency System (Sinai), a total of 598 people were evacuated from their homes in nine of the country’s 19 provinces (provinces), and 2,436 people were self-evacuated.

According to the document, although the number of evacuees rose “slightly” compared to Saturday’s report, rising from 543 to 598, the total number of self-evacuated people decreased, representing a decrease in the number of displaced people, which totaled 4209 on that day.

Of the total affected people, 998 are in the department Paysandu715 correspond to thirty three530 a a step457 a peach129 a Long Hill95 to Artigas44 to Tacuarembo40 l Rocha And 26 l Soriano.

The flooding of the Uruguay River, as a result of heavy rains in southern Brazil, led to a disaster An increase in the number of displaced people From their homes in Salto, on the coast of Uruguay

The overflowing Uruguay River resulted in floods

“Since yesterday, the return process has been taking place in Trinta e Tres. So far this is being carried out according to current protocols and without problems. The number of displaced people has decreased in that province as well as in Tacuarembo.”

On the other hand, due to river floods and the impact of rain, six national roads passing through four districts were closed.

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Meanwhile, the state-run National Department of Power Generation and Electricity Transmission Plants (UTE) is offering rewards to customers of the affected departments that include discounts and extensions to the due date of energy bills.

According to Sinai, on Sunday, the National Director of Emergency Situations, Santiago Carames, traveled to Salto Province, where he toured the affected areas with the coordinator of the Local Emergency Coordination Center (Cecoed), José Lima, and visited two evacuations. centers.

The regime also reiterated in its report its list of recommendations regarding flood risks, which include a request to “not attempt to cross flooded roads, bridges or viaducts even if their location is known” and to “put goods and valuables in their place.” The highest places in the house,” among others.

(With information from EFE)

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