The government confirms that it is negotiating with the United Kingdom regarding the movement of British soldiers from Gibraltar

Controls on British soldiers and military equipment at UK bases in Gibraltar are a stumbling block in the agreement being reached to set terms for the colony after the city leaves the European Union. The uncontrolled movement of soldiers caused more than one conflict. Without going any further, the Spanish police were forced to return to Gibraltar four British soldiers who had entered Spain irregularly, separately and on several occasions on the same day, As this newspaper reported on March 19.

To this end, controls are being negotiated as part of the Treaty for British soldiers entering through Gibraltar’s port and military airport. “I confirm that, what is happening at this time Military movement “Our presence at the base is one of the things we are talking about,” Foreign Minister José Manuel Albarez said at a press conference on Monday in Madrid. “Any agreement will allow the freedom of movement that we want for Gibraltar and Campo.” “Gibraltar and any aspect related to that will be fully controlled and determined.”

The Minister invited the Ministry to meet with Mayors of Campo de Gibraltar and representatives of the Council. Among other things, Juan Franco, mayor of La Linea, adjacent to the British colony; That green island, Jose Ignacio Landalos; Advisor to the Presidency of the Andalusian Military Council, Antonio Sanz; And Susana Perez CustodioPresident of the Commonwealth of Municipalities.

Upon exit, the council representative shamed the minister for the lack of information he had given them at the meeting. He accused him of a lack of transparency and repeated his request that they be allowed to attend meetings in Brussels, in the same way he had allowed the colony’s prime minister. Fabian Picardo, going into the last meeting, is something unprecedented so far. Antonio Sanz has insisted that they have powers, such as environmental powers, which form part of the issues being negotiated, such as the discharge of Gibraltar’s sewage into the sea that floods the area.

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Spain agreed with the United Kingdom and the European Union “Political lines” of the airport agreement, Transport of people and goods On April 14, during an unprecedented meeting in Brussels of Spanish Foreign Minister José Manuel Albarez with his British counterpart David Cameron and European Commission Vice President Maros Sefcovic, who is negotiating with the United Kingdom on behalf of the European Union. twenty seven .

Demolish the fence

The EU, UK, Spain and Gibraltar claim they are in the final stage of reaching an agreement Gibraltar Treaty after twenty negotiating rounds. It must determine, within the framework of what was agreed upon between London and Madrid on New Year’s Eve 2020, the suitability of the British colony within the region. The European Schengen Area for free movement. All parties are trying to negotiate a “Co-prosperity zone” In the region, with smooth movement of people and goods.

The intention of the Pedro Sanchez government is Demolish the fenceThe line of control that separates Spain from the British colony. The stated goal is to put aside issues of sovereignty to resolve practices that affect the daily life of the region and the more than 15,000 people who cross it. They are Spanish workers from Campo Gibraltar who go to work in the neighbourhood, but they are also “yanitos” who have homes in the large urban areas on the Spanish side or go sightseeing.

About the airportThe issues to be solved are very difficult. First, because It is built on the isthmusA piece of land that Spain did not give to the United Kingdom during the Treaties of Utrecht. Secondly, because it is not uncommon for flights going to that airport that cannot land for weather reasons to be diverted to Malaga, which critics say sometimes acts as a substation. Its use is intended to be shared. The minister pointed to the commercial flights he made with Madrid and Barcelona between 2006 and 2011 as a model of cooperation.

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“It is about the presence of flights from Madrid and Barcelona between 2006 and 2011 to promote and assist the development and economy of the region,” Albares said on Monday in Madrid. “I said goodbye [de los alcaldes] Saying that the next meeting may be on a flight from that airport to Madrid.”

But there is a lot left Issues to be resolved in the treaty. Some are environmental, such as Gibraltar’s wastewater treatment, which is discharged untreated into the sea. Others point to the issue of smuggling, which is one of the colony’s businesses, due to the difference in prices between the two sides. This sometimes generates violent conflicts on both sides and in the waters surrounding the rock.

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