A new attack by the Chinese regime on Taiwan: Aircraft and warships violated the island’s air and sea space

A new attack by the Chinese regime on Taiwan: Aircraft and warships violated the island’s air and sea space. (Reuters)

he Taiwanese Ministry of Defense reported it Ten fighter planes Six warships Chinese system They were spotted in the vicinity of the island during the early hours of Sunday morning.

One of the fighters violated the airspace In the southwest of the island, forcing Taiwan Armed Forces They responded by deploying aircraft, boats, and ground-based missile systems, they posted on their Twitter account.

This Friday, and Taiwanese Ministry of Defense decried that two Unmanned reconnaissance aircraft of the People’s Liberation Army They flew over the island for the “first time” shortly after it was reported that nearly two dozen Chinese military aircraft had entered its airspace.

during the same day, Chinese armed forces They discovered a fighter United States Air Force flying over Taiwan Strait.

In the face of escalating tensions, the head of the diplomacy of Al European UnionAnd Josep BorrellA request to the member states of the bloc to participate in The conflict between Taiwan and China And he urged them to do so Guarding the straits with their navy.

Europe “must be very present in this matter file that interest us economically, commercially and technically. That is why I urge European navies to patrol the Taiwan Strait Europe’s connection to freedom of navigation appears in this very important areaBorrell wrote in the French Journal Journal du Dimanche.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense denounced, on Friday, the flying of two People’s Liberation Army drones over the island “for the first time” shortly after it was reported that nearly two dozen Chinese military aircraft had entered its airspace. (Reuters)
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Last Tuesday, during the opening of the China-focused debate in the European Parliament, Borrell emphasized this Taiwan and this conflict are “crucial for Europe” because “the world’s most strategic strait is at risk, especially in terms of trade.”.

“We have to be present there through naval operations.”Burrell added, while emphasizing that Taipei is “part of our region Strategic surroundings to ensure peace and defend our interests“.

Borrell’s position, in turn, can be understood as a subtle response to the controversial statements made by the French President weeks ago, Emmanuel Macronduring a trip to China.

In the midst of his three-day visit to Beijing, which drew attention to its optimistic tone in the context of Russia’s hostilities in Ukraine and the ambiguous stance taken by Xi Jinping, the French official considered that The conflict over Taiwan is external to Europe.

The question we Europeans ask ourselves is the following: Are we interested in speeding up when it comes to Taiwan? no. The worst thing is to think that we Europeans should become followers on this issue and keep up with the United States and China’s overreaction.He said then.

In the face of rising tensions, the European Union’s head of diplomacy, Josep Borrell, demanded that the member states of the union get involved in the conflict between Taiwan and China and urged them to patrol the straits with their navies. (Reuters)

Thus, Macron explained his fear of leaving the continent “They are stuck in crises that are not ours, which prevents them from building strategic autonomy” And what does he put it on At risk of becoming a “vassal” of Washington.

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The escalation of tensions in the region began with a trip to the island of the then Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi In August last year.

The situation worsened after the visit of the President of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wento the United States, where he met many members of the US Congress, despite warnings from Beijing.

Taiwan has had an independent government since 1949, but China considers the area under its sovereignty.

The Chinese government’s basic policy towards Taiwan has so far been a policy of peaceful reunification under the principle of “one country, two systems”.

(With information from Europa Press and AFP)

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