Do you like the content in the original version? Netflix makes it very easy for you

Over the years, Netflix, unlike other platforms, has added a large number of series, movies, and many languages, a type of content that is not available on any other platform. In fact, some of the most successful titles on this platform are from outside the US, such as Money Heist, The Squid Game, Dark, and The Crown to name a few.

All content available on Netflix is ​​translated into Spanish, so we will have no problem enjoying it. Of all the options that Netflix offers us to search for series and movies, one that doesn’t appear anywhere is View content by country. If we want to access the titles available on Netflix by country, the only option offered by the platform is to access the Explore section in languages, an option available through this connection This allows us to filter the titles available on this platform that are registered in English, French, Korean, Italian, Portuguese, Danish, Finnish, Polish, Romanian … and thus up to 25 languages.

Browse content by language on Netflix

When the link is accessed, all content available in English is displayed by default, that is, all content whose audio language is English, so it was created mainly in the US, UK or Australia. If we want to watch all the Netflix content whose original language is French, Russian, Italian, Spanish or any other language, at the top, next to the original language (another option displayed by default), we must click on English to show the 25 original languages ​​of the content provided by Netflix for us.

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At that time, all addresses created in countries where that language is spoken will be displayed. In the French case, we can find content created both in France and Canada. If we select the Russian language, then all content created in Russian-speaking countries will be displayed, and so on with all available languages. By default, the content displayed focuses on the content we saw previously on the platform. However, we can change the settings so that, instead of showing content based on our tastes, it shows us all the available content, either by Release date on the platform or by Alphabetical order Sort content from A to Z or Z to A.

By clicking on each of the displayed titles, it will start playing automatically if it is a movie or series. If we want to access the details of the available content, we have to place our mouse over the tab and wait until the available options are displayed, among them Loops and information also more informationdepending on whether it is a series or a movie.

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