María Corina Machado and Edmundo González led a massive mobilization in Aragua ahead of the elections in Venezuela

Edmundo Gonzalez ensured a “peaceful rotation” in Venezuela

The Venezuelan opposition continues to challenge Nicolas Maduro's dictatorship, despite ongoing threats, persecution and censorship. This is Saturday, as part of the election campaign. María Corina Machado and Edmundo González Urrutia huddled together for the first time in the city of La Victoria, in Aragua.

Opposition leaders gathered thousands of followers who expressed their support for the diplomat's candidacy while chanting “freedom”.

During his speech, González Urrutia sent three messages: “First, we ask the international community to closely accompany us in this process because it will be crucial in reducing migration and making Venezuela a reliable partner. To those who still believe in government, I guarantee peaceful rotation “All political forces will be able to exercise their rights within the framework of the constitution.”

“To the National Armed Forces: You play an essential role in the safety of everyone. He added: “I will be the guarantor of its institutionalization as stipulated in Article 328 of the Constitution.”

Maria Corina Machado and Edmundo Gonzalez Urrutia held a campaign event together for the first time in the state of Aragua (Reuters/Leonardo Fernandez Viloria)

He concluded: “Finally, I want to suggest something to you: let’s imagine for a moment the next country. A country where the president is not insulted; A country where when you come home from work you know your money is worth it. That when you turn on the switch, there will be light; That when you open the tap, there will be water. A country where health does not cause illness, and where education teaches. A country without political prisoners. “Our airports and borders will be filled with our children returning home.”

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At his side was always Maria Corina Machado, who downgraded her candidacy due to the disqualification imposed by the regime's judicial system to support the request of the experienced Venezuelan diplomat.

“Today we ask every one of you, all Venezuelans across the country, to do so “Next July 28, united, let us all vote for Edmundo as President of the Republic.”said the leader of Fente Venezuela, who asserted that the opposition “will win” the elections.

“Long live free Venezuela!” “This fight until the end.”She added while hugging the opposition candidate.

Thousands of Venezuelans demanded freedom during the mobilization led by Maria Corina Machado and Edmundo Gonzalez Urrutia.

For its part, Chavismo also held a mass mobilization on Saturday in the state of Aragua.

God gave poetryHe, considered the dictatorship's second-in-command, said Maduro would receive “a huge torrent of votes” in the elections.

“On July 28 (…) a torrent of votes will support Nicolas Maduro,” the leader told hundreds of his supporters who gathered in the town of La Victoria, where the main opposition coalition includes the Democratic Unionist Party. ), also held an event in support of González Urrutia.

Regarding the opposition candidate, Cabello said that he is “a puppet in the hands of imperialism,” in reference to the United States, and that he heads a “deviant project,” without giving details about it or providing evidence to support these accusations.

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