She was sentenced to 14 years in prison for not paying for a roast chicken and broke her silence

Sandra del Pilar is being held in El Buen Pastor Prison After eating a roast chicken and not paying for it. The woman said in her testimony to the media CityTV.

The mother of a young boy began her story by listing the reasons she ate grilled chicken without paying for it: “My son’s school called me to tell me he fainted, and I know he fainted from hunger.”

After entering the business establishment and taking the roast chicken, Security guards noticed the theftThey approached her and took her to a warehouse where they called the authorities.

“They took me to the security area, and the police arrived and told me I had to go to the Palokemao unit,” he said. Sandra Del Pilar was released hours later and dedicated herself to bringing home a livelihood. “We made pancakes and I introduced myself to Mazuren. So I made breakfasts, lunches, lasagnas, quincineras, and, well, what haven’t I done?

While Sandra was at work, she was called by police officers, who asked for her and her husband’s IDs: “The agent told me, ‘Mrs Sandra, let me have the ID’, and after seeing her, she said to me ‘Put a jacket on, some shoes, because we’re going to leave'”.

After being removed from her home, the woman was notified of her sentence Imprisonment 13 years and 8 months for eating chicken without canceling it.

Woman accused of stealing a roast chicken (reference photo)

The crime he is accused of is the use of minors in theft. Her husband was also convicted of this crime and is being held in La Picota in an unfavorable state of health.

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