Netflix says it will continue to test shared account blocking measures ‘for an extended period’

Months after launching its plan to end shared accounts, Netflix confirms that it has not yet finished testing possible solutions to manage this rooted problem in the service. This was stated by the Co-CEO Greg Peters: “We will continue with the issue of passwords for a long time“.

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The Director made these statements within the framework of the conference Goldman Sachs Communicopia & technologyWhich he participated in on Tuesday and collects diverse. Peters described the measures taken as an “elegant solution” to address the problem. To provide basic information, subscribers to Standard and Premium plans will be able to Add “sub-accounts” for up to two people you don’t live withAt a cost of €5.99 per month each.

We have always treated this issue with caution“To make sure we learn and do it well,” he said during his presentation in San Francisco. “If you’re ‘borrowing’ Netflix, you won’t like the idea of ​​us charging you for it.”

Talk about a “transitional” measure.

Of course, he admits that it was difficult to explain that it would not be a problem for subscribers to use the platform if they were travelling, and therefore outside their main homes. “There was a lot of confusion About the kind of situations we intended to avoid.

According to Peters, those who share passwords It can be divided into two categories: Those who do it by chance, for example, using their partner’s account even if they do not live together; And those who do it for financial reasons. Regarding the first, he asserts that it was easy to convince them: “As we told them that they should do what they wanted, they did it.” Regarding the last solution, he explains that they were looking for “different solutions for those who need them.”

Now, despite his assurance that the process will remain in effect in the coming years, Peter considers this a “transitional situation” with regard to ad insertion, which he defines as “long-term work, for several decades,” which they still have to continue working on. Let’s not forget that as part of this pledge, Netflix canceled the basic ad-free plan during the summer in both the US and the UK, in order to boost the economic rate through ads.

Peter concludes that they will continue to expand new functions and prices in the future to expand their markets as much as possible. “We want to have a wide range of prices and offers“We want to be accessible to the vast majority of the world’s population.”

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