A European country allows you to immigrate without a passport and with few conditions: the minimum wage is 500,000 pesos

he Theme He immigrated It is an issue that increasingly attracts more Argentines For business reasons or just to improve your lifestyle. This is why, when searching for potential destinations, they focus on all kinds of destinations and this is where this is at European country that Submit a passport in a graceful manneras well as starting wages From 1,700 euros. so by saying, Almost half a million pesos.

He’s Argentinian, lives in Norway, and told us how much he earns working 6 hours a day: “I’m very surprised.”

Ramy showed in a video how much he earns working as a waiter in Norway and left everyone amazed to see the luxuries he allows himself.

fate Norwaywhich provides many job opportunities for both those who own a European passport And for those who must apply for a work visa. And the Scandinavian countries, in turn, These countries are characterized by their low inflation on an annual basis, which is 6.7%.

in the global ranking of peace, Norway ranks 17th out of the 163 safest countries in the world.

Attractive mix of Job opportunities and security have prompted thousands of Argentines to choose Norway as their new home.

Norway allows you to immigrate without a passport and with a few conditions: the minimum wage is 500,000 pesos

An easy passport to obtain

Those Who You have a European passport It will have greater dynamics when it establishes itself in Norway because They will not need a visa to live and/or work in the country.

In case You do not have a European passportThey must apply for a work visa. It is awarded to those who have a job offer in Norway or have specialized skills and knowledge that are required in the country.

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Once this is over, those applicants will be able to have fun High quality of life in an inclusive and respectful community. Not to mention the wonderful nature that makes them An attractive destination for those seeking work-life balance.

Norway’s minimum wage

Norway It is characterized by having one of the highest salary levels in the world, which attracts many immigrants in search of better economic opportunities. However, it is also important to note The cost of living is considerably highTherefore, salaries should be analyzed in relation to expenses and the quality of life in the Nordic country.

In this sense, as indicated by yomeanimo.com, V.I Norway estimates that the minimum wage is 480 thousand Argentine pesos.

represent taxes Between 25 and 30% of the salary. Therefore, the net hourly wage is reduced to approximately 120 Norwegian krone (NOK). I mean, a little more than $11 (2,800 pesos).

He is Argentinean, showed how much he spends on food per month in Norway and made a fuss: “Do you understand?”

This young Argentinian has been living in Norway for several months now and now he has shown everything he can get in a supermarket with just a fraction of his monthly salary.

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