The United Nations condemned Russia’s attack on a civilian ship in the Black Sea before it arrived in Odessa

The port of Odessa and other ports in the region are economically vital for Ukraine as outlets to the Black Sea (Reuters/Stringer)

United Nations Organization He was condemned on Thursday The attack carried out by Russia on Wednesday Against a ship in the Black Seawhen it was preparing to enter a port in Odessa, an event that left at least one dead and many injured and for which Ukraine accused Russia, as part of the invasion that began in February 2022.

The United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator in Ukraine said: “I am outraged by the attack that occurred yesterday on a civilian ship as it entered the port of Pevdeny in Odessa.” Dennis BrownWho offered his condolences to the family of the deceased and wished a speedy recovery for the injured.

Thus, he highlighted that this event “took place just days after a series of attacks that resulted in the killing and wounding of civilians, the destruction of grain supplies and damage to a 124-year-old art museum in Odessa, southern Ukraine.”

Brown also stressed that the attack “is one of the most… 30 against port facilities Ukrainians since the end of the Black Sea Initiative in July.”

He stressed that “this tragic incident represents the first time that civilians have been killed or injured on board a civilian ship.”

The Ukrainian Armed Forces claimed on Wednesday that Russia attacked a Liberian-flagged civilian ship using a Kh-31 anti-radar missile (Odessa Regional Prosecutor's Office via Facebook/via Reuters)
The Ukrainian Armed Forces claimed on Wednesday that Russia attacked a Liberian-flagged civilian ship using a Kh-31 anti-radar missile (Odessa Regional Prosecutor’s Office via Facebook/via Reuters)

“The consequences of this brutal and continuing pattern of Russian attacks on port facilities are devastating to the Ukrainian economy and hundreds of millions of people suffering from hunger around the world,” he said. “International humanitarian law strictly prohibits attacks against civilian infrastructure.”

The Ukrainian armed forces claimed on Wednesday that Russia attacked a civilian ship flying the Liberian flag using a missile Kh-31 anti-radar missile Launched from a fighter plane. They said that it collided with the boat, killing the ship’s captain and wounding three other crew members, of Filipino nationality. A port employee was also injured.

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The report did not reveal the name of the ship or the country that owned it, but the Minister of Infrastructure, Oleksandr Kubrakov, He added that the ship was carrying iron ore to China.

Port of Odessa and others in the region Economically vital Ukraine As exits to the Black Sea, from which ships head to global markets. Kubrakov said Odessa port facilities had been attacked 21 times since Russia in August refused to renew an agreement allowing Ukraine to safely export grain through the Black Sea.

President Volodymyr Zelensky said in October that the new Black Sea export corridor allowed for some of that 50 ships.

In the southern city of Kherson, which lies across the Dnieper River from Russian-controlled territory, one civilian was killed and three wounded by Russian fire in a residential area on Thursday afternoon, according to Interior Minister Ihor Klimenko.

Three more civilians were killed in Russian raids over the past day, according to a report issued by the presidential office.

In an area Donetsk, The Russian army bombed 11 cities and towns, killing two people in Turetsk and wounding a civilian in Chasev Yar. In the neighboring Kharkiv region near Izyum, a man was killed during an artillery attack.

In southern Ukraine, a civilian was injured during the bombing of residential areas in Kherson, and another was injured in a mine explosion. In the nuclear power plant area ZaporozhyeRussian bombing Nikopol, On the opposite bank of the Dnieper River, wounding one person and damaging infrastructure, power lines and 14 homes.

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(With information from the Associated Press and Europa Press)

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