A Bill to Amend the Health Team Law has been introduced in the Legislature – Web de Noticias

  • The executive branch sent out the new guidelines, which provide a broader definition to the health team.
  • Occupational groups are also reorganized, based on the academic workload of each profession, to assess different occupations.
  • It is the product of a dialogue process between the health file and representatives of hospitals, professional societies and universities.

The executive branch sent the day to the provincial legislature Draft Amendment Law No. 7625, On working system in Personnel who make up the human health team.

This project is in progress Redefining the health team which have appeared so far in the present law, with a broader view, Which includes “To agents providing services related to the comprehensive care of the population, through preventive measures, medical and auxiliary care, and related activities of technical and administrative support, operational management, delivery, training, planning, programming, research, and evaluation procedures, in order to promote, protect, restore and rehabilitate People’s health/disease processes”.

In this way, the team consists of administrators, educators, communicators, public servants, regional references, and professionals from various health professions who work in care institutions, health centers, health units, and ministry areas.

as he thinks of Reorganization of professional groups provided for by law, l We value the training of professionals from various disciplinesbased on the academic hours for each degree.

In addition, it enables Voluntary transfer Of those agents who belong to Law 7233 and its rank, Law 9361, who wish to join The new system for the Human Health Team.

Likewise, an agent who has permanent staff and acquires the requirements for incorporating another occupational group (for example, an agent who entered with initial training and then graduated from a college degree included in one of these groups) is expected to request a change, which will be granted based on the needs of the service.

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Finally, the possibility of adapting the work system, setting the working day based on weekly or monthly hours, units, or benefits, depending on the needs they provide, is registered, always by consensus with the agent.

This project was prepared by the health file, after a process of dialogue with various sectors, including representatives of hospitals, professional associations, universities, and others.

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