Science and literature in the new exhibition on the Little Prince at the Energy Museum

Light factory. The Energy Museum is inaugurated This Friday a new temporary exhibition titled The Little Prince is also for boys and girls. Rosana Largo, curator, and Yasudhara Lopez, director of the museumHe was commissioned to show it to the media this morning. The exhibit is located in the coal basin and can be visited from Free until June 27th.

Science and literature meet in this fun exhibition And educational to bring the visitor closer to this global action. The gallery consists of five spaces that make up the magical walk across Literary scholar Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Each section contains quotes and explanations of different sections of the book. With an eye-friendly and inspiring design, the gallery recreates the book’s scientific projection, showcasing various textile accessories that define the protagonist and include a journey through the asteroids visited by the Little Prince. All this was supplemented with pictures of great visual beauty, Among others. The exhibition targets children, youth and families, and also tries to encourage curiosity and seek the active participation of the visitor with the content in order to enhance their critical spirit.

This show thatThat is increasing due to the interest of the visiting audience, Began his career at the Science Museum in Valladolid and later moved to the House of Sciences in Logroño. The sample was also displayed in the Madrid Planetarium, At the Lecrac Center in Palencia, at the Santa Ana Castle in Roquetas de Mar and at the Becerril de Campos Astronomical Center in Palencia.

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Single piece

The fascinating novelty with which this exhibition opens is the Tunnel Book or the Glimpse Show book, a piece specially crafted for display at Light factory. Energy Museum. It is a large book that allows you to see all the pages in perspective, made of stamped wood, forming a three-dimensional multi-layer stage of great depth, which forms a kind of tunnel. Initially, the book contained only the figure of the Little Prince and his asteroid B612, but that The amendment allows more content to be included.

In it, the various inhabitants of the planets visited by the Little Prince are represented in a realistic and modern way, leaving a record of the criticism of their author. In this adaptation of the current world of watercolor in Saint-Exupéry, the goal is to focus all attention on Expressions and characters of the protagonists for reading, Without text, what every social class wants to express; From a tyrannical king to a confused mustache or a businessman indulging in having more stars. It also includes a search game consisting of finding the book represented by the astronomer H. Swan Levitt and Cepheid stars, as there is a great relationship between the Little Prince and the American scientist.

Activity program

The exhibition is also accompanied by a full program of activities (link) that will give cSunday 9 kicks off with a dynamic visit to the exhibition. It will be held from 12:45 AM until 1:45 PM and is designed for the public

Family, although it must be children under 6 years old. Activity is free and capacity is limited, therefore Participation requires prior registration Call 800400 987 or send an email to [email protected].

Light factory. The Energy Museum will host a content-related activity every Sunday. A) Yes, Dynamic visits to get to know the exhibition It will be held every Sunday in May from 12:45 to 13:15 and will be free of charge. Already in June, every Sunday from 12:00 until 13:00 in cooperation with the Astronomical Association of Pierzo, The turn will come to learn astronomy with the little prince, The activity is also free. The topic is completed by the workshop The Planets of the Little Prince taking place on Sunday 23 May, priced at € 4.

What’s more, Thursday May 27th and June 10th afternoon There will be two meetings with Rosanna Largo, Curator and Gallery Maker, during which they will share the many secrets and anecdotes surrounding the exhibition.

everybody Activities target family audiences And they have a limited capacity, which requires pre-registration with the museum to attend.

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