4T is not interested in economic growth

For nearly four years, there have been no public policies aimed at promoting growth; For the current administration, everything is focused on politics, and economic issues simply do not seem to be of much importance. The president has, on many occasions, met with business leaders, the goodwill of businessmen to invest in Mexico has been announced and their confidence in the system has been expressed, but in reality the achievements – if any – remain kept secret. Mexican entrepreneurs are aware that there are many investment opportunities in the country, however, specific programs to take advantage of them have not been implemented; The investments that are made are to keep the productive factory and business, but frankly, the investments are not seen in the new ventures.

On the border, and in response to economic revitalization, after the worst of the pandemic is over, there are indicators that are upward, but they are largely concentrated in the activities that fall under the umbrella of the treaty between Mexico, the United States and Canada; But the rest of the activities that do not benefit from this program simply do not transfer.

Insisting on a constitutional change to amend the current electrical reform is something that pollutes our economic future and our confidence in the country; But they do not accept this, despite the fact that the vast majority of experts on this topic have spoken against the mentioned reform. The president says that the current law is the reason for the major violations by many companies that are involved in the sector by generating clean energy, that there are many subsidies that should not exist, etc. Without being an expert on the subject and giving it the benefit of the doubt: Can’t mistakes be corrected or abuses suppressed – if they are proven to exist – without the need to change the law?

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We know that everything can be improved, but what no one accepts is that these changes will return to the monopoly that the Federal Electricity Authority used to have, which never favored productivity and that’s why the agency today has very expensive and outdated factories that operate today. of the last century, which also prevents the transition to clean and renewable energy. To change the existing rules is to take a leap back rather than looking forward, yes, improvements have to be made, to be made, but they do not change a law that has the right direction in principle; Insisting that this be amended appears to be more of an ideological issue than a pragmatic thing that benefits the country. With all due respect, if this initiative is passed, it will not be good tidings for the Mexican economy and will fall among investors like a bucket of cold water; In short, it will be nothing that stimulates increased investment.

I have wondered many times why there is no focus on the economic aspect and only politics are concerned. Does 4T not seek to improve living standards for Mexicans? Has poverty reduction ceased to be important? Should we double the chances? I think the answer is that for 4T this should still matter, just as it does for anyone whether liberal, conservative or neoliberal. These are goals that should go beyond ideology, and they are also principles that many countries have successfully adopted, where they have socialist or right-wing governments; The well-being, development and growth of the economy is something that must be fought for regardless of ideology. Only hard-line socialists don’t understand it that way, and so do their consequences.

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It is imperative that Mexico does what is necessary to get back on the path of growth.

Manuel Somoza

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