New Consul Generals in key positions in Canada and Brazil

The Australian Government is pleased to announce the appointment of new Consuls General in Canada and Brazil, with a focus on strengthening trade and investment relationships with these trading centers of global importance.

Mr. Josh Riley will serve as Consul General and Chief Commissioner for Trade and Investment in Toronto, and Mr. John Prause will serve as Consul General and Chief Commissioner for Trade and Investment in Sao Paulo.

The nominations demonstrate the Australian Government’s commitment to promoting Australian exports and attracting foreign investment essential to the country’s continued economic growth and prosperity.

The government thanks the outgoing Consul General and Chief Trade and Investment Commissioner, Grayson Berry and Greg Wallis, of Toronto and Sao Paulo, respectively, for their services.

A proud man of Wirajouri, Mr. Riley has extensive business, non-profit and political experience gained in Australia and Canada. Mr Riley, former Director of Corporate Citizenship at the Australian Business Council, spearheaded the launch of lift bar, meeting An initiative with Supply Nation that has seen 17 of Australia’s largest companies commit more than $3 billion with local suppliers.

As Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Canadian Indigenous Business Council in Toronto, Mr. Riley was also involved in the creation of the Australian-Canadian Indigenous Economic Association.

Mr. Riley will lead Australia’s priorities to boost trade and attract investment to Canada and will oversee the Consulate General in Toronto and the Consulate in Vancouver.

This appointment will give Australia and Canada the opportunity to work together on clean energy solutions, such as green hydrogen, which are expected to create local jobs in Australia and help economies around the world achieve their greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals. carbon.

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Mr. Jon Prause is taking on his new role in Brazil, bringing a wealth of government and private sector experience.

Prior to joining Austrid, Mr. Prause worked in government relations in the energy sector, including Canberra and as a country manager in East Timor. He has extensive experience in negotiating between governments and the resource sector.

In government, Mr. Prause has worked in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, with assignments in Brazil and Egypt.

Mr Prause hopes to return to South America, where he hopes his trading experience will help him highlight Australia as a provider of high-end goods and services and an attractive investment destination.

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