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Conae signed an agreement to provide images to Conicet. “Through observational satellites, we can obtain information on many applications in our continental and marine region,” they said from the National Aerospace Activities Committee.

The President of the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (Conicet), Anna Franchi, and the Executive and Technical Director of the National Committee for Aeronautics and Space Activities (CONAE), Raoul Kulishevsky, have signed an agreement that regulates and facilitates access to data and products. The origin of the satellite is from the space entity of researchers from the scientific organization.

The images provided by the space entity are used to analyze the heat distribution in the different land covers; Watercourse differences. land use (livestock, agriculture, urbanization); Monitoring fires the state of rivers, among other great topics.

“Through observational satellites, we can obtain space source information for many applications on our continental and marine lands, in order to improve the quality of life of the population”Kunai said in a statement.

And added: “Products derived from satellite information are also essential to the country’s economic and productive sectors, to increase their productivity and competitiveness at the national and international levels.”

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