2012 Canadian Grand Prix: Checo’s second podium and the race to take him to McLaren

The 2012 season subordinate Formula One was in it Sergio “Chico” Perez He earned recognition after climbing Platform On three occasions, but the race he pushed him to McLaren It was Canadian Grand Prix.

edition 2012 subordinate a race made in Circuit Gilles VilleneuveFrom MontrealIt was full of surprises because Mexican He started a long way from fighting for PlatformHe ranked fifteenth, but it’s a good strategy, his great ability pilot The mistakes of his rivals were all he needed to rise to the top.

The strategy that helped

Sauberthe team that led “Czech” to me Formula Onethe era of cellars in 2012 season And can’t always dream of climbing PlatformBut in Canadian Grand Prix help the Mexican To achieve the goal of reaching the first places.

The a race It was 70 laps and usually strategy dictated that they stop at least twice, but Sauber s “Czech” They chose for him to do just one so he’d be in the points zone because he started in 15th.

Checo Pérez starts 15th at the 2012 Canadian Grand Prix – Facebook Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN

The strategy paid dividends because Mexican He managed to reach fifth place and by lap 42 he stopped his lone star.

Checo Pérez finished fifth at the 2012 Canadian Grand Prix after a few laps – Facebook Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN

ability “Czech”

“Czech” Perez He returned to the track in eighth place and demonstrated the skill that has defined him throughout his career. a raceTake care of your tires as closely as possible so that they are ready when you try pass competitors.

Little by little he got positions until he finished sixth and stayed that way for several laps until Sebastian Vettel s Fernando Alonso They made huge mistakes in search of victory.

Alonso and Vettel’s mistakes

Vettel s Alonso They were in the fight for earn The 2012 Canadian Grand Prix And both are afraid Lewis Hamilton They outsmarted them, so they chose to stop in a pit only with the aim of generating the greatest distance over the British.

But the strategy did not work with them because the tires of both pilots It’s been worn a lot all the time a race In the end Hamilton Skip the two to be marked as leader.

This also benefited “Czech” Perez why so much Vettel How Alonso They had very slow times which allowed him to get close to both; He outperformed the German thanks to the fact that he picked the hole on lap 64, while Alonso He stayed on the track and managed to overtake him on lap 68.

despite of Vettel Try to restore it Mexican I managed to beat her by 2 seconds of differences and got Platform Next to Lewis Hamilton s Romain Grosjean.

Checo Pérez celebrates the podium with Lewis Hamilton and Romain Grosjean – Facebook Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN

Extruded to McLaren

managers McLaren They were very impressed with the performance Mexican In 2012, mainly in Canadian Grand PrixAnd they appointed him for the 2013 season to replace him Lewis Hamilton After he surprised everyone and fell with him mercedes.

Although the stage Sergio “Chico” Perez in McLaren It only lasted one season, had a successful career and became Mexican pilot Most Winner in Formula One.

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