17 games leaving PS Plus Extra and Premium in June 2023

A large number of games will be leaving the service soon and it is not known if they will be available again in the future

Nothing arrived Good selection of new games for PS Plus Extra and Premium Among them some stand out above and among others Covered many that more people should know. But the truth is, the arrival of so many titles on PlayStation’s subscription service has an inevitable consequence: That others leave him until he ceases to be available in him.

Well, this same information is what I want to share with all of you in the same article; Specifically, what 17 games will be leaving PS Plus Extra and Premium in the same month of June. Therefore, the list of games that you can see below correspond to those that will not be available on both services From the 20th of this monthas compiled by the owners of the portal crooked voxel. I leave you with that below so that you can get it as soon as possible.

15 PS Plus Extra games will be released on June 20th

  • 9 Shaolin monkeys
  • chaos agents
  • Ashes redemption gods
  • black mirror
  • defense network 2
  • descend
  • World of Fire Pro Wrestling
  • The gods will fall
  • Lone Wolf Joe Denver
  • John Wick divination
  • kiwi
  • There are no straight roads
  • Saab party
  • Savior
  • Whitwood

Two PS Plus Premium games will be released on June 20th

  • Red faction
  • Red faction 2

I will not deceive you. I really wanted to catch up on John Wick Hex after seeing the fourth movie in the saga in theaters a few weeks ago, but I guess I won’t have time to rerun it anymore. Be that as it may, I remind you that these future absences have already been made up for with new games that made it into the PS Plus Extra and Premium catalog. You can find the full list in the following article.

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