Practical and easy: 5 Hidden WhatsApp Functions that Will Solve Your Life

Prevent your smartphone’s memory from becoming saturated: Unnecessary files tend to rain on conversations from The WhatsAppEspecially in groups of families and friends, like those motivational quotes, or long videos that promise to solve financial problems and even miracle cures for various ailments. To avoid this, you just have to follow these simple steps: You must enter the settings, then enter the tab that defines chats once you can deactivate the visibility option for multimedia files.

Don’t be in evidence of conversations you don’t want to read: It has occurred to all of us that since we’re so busy, we ignore some seemingly unproductive conversations and then forget to respond, where it’s clear that we have a reading he said Message. Well, the good news is that, just like you do in your email, you can order here Message I don’t read. You simply have to click on the chat for a few seconds and choose the option to mark as unread.


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