You should watch Nicolas Cage movies according to critics

    He started working as the nephew of Uncle Francis. Then came his status as an indie icon, episodic action hero, movie freak…an unclassifiable actor whose wacky style makes him unique. On the occasion of the premiere of “Renfield,” our 112th in a 41-year career, we launched ourselves into a monumental challenge: choice. The most emblematic figures of Nicolas Cage.

    Nick was almost fired from the set of Moonstruck (N. Jewison, 1987) because, as he says, “I was trying to play Jean-Marie in Beauty and the Beast by Jean Cocteau.Shortly before that, the studio also tried to expel him from the filming of “I Got Married Peggy Sue” (1986), despite the fact that his uncle Francis Ford Coppola directed the film, because he wanted Charlie, explaining his character, “to be like Jerry Lewis.”

    Two footnotes from a century-old profession – by the number of titles in his syllabus -, yes, but also clear examples of the uniqueness of An actor who appears, more often than not, in a movie different from the rest of the cast. Born young Nicholas Kim Coppola in Long Beach, California, on January 7, 1964, he made his film debut with a very minor role in 1982’s That Exciting Course, and changed his name so there would be no doubt about it. His uncle’s favored treatment of him.

    Novo shamanic

    A total fan of Superman — his second son is called Kal-El — and comics in general — he took his stage name from Marvel superhero, Luke Cage, and counted among his most prized possessions the first issue of DC Comics’ Man of Steel. -; Leading member of a leading group of artists, The Coppola Clan, W The creator of his own style of representation, which he called “Nouveau Shamanic”, a mystical method, which he takes here and there – kabuki, expressionism, abstract art – to purify hyperbole and turn it into a monumental interpretation, with Cage not being overstated when he is said to be a unique actor. Something is clear with these roles that we have chosen, a small sample of the work of one of the few revolutionaries in cinema whose time has come to do justice, work that we have already begun when making our list of the best films of Nicolas Cage.

    He has collaborated with directors such as Francis Ford Coppola, Joel Coen, David Lynch, Mike Figgis, Michael Bay, John Woo, Brian De Palma, Martin Scorsese, Spike Jonze, Ridley Scott, Oliver Stone, Werner Herzog, Paul Schrader, Panos Cosmatos, Richard Stanley and Zion Sono. Nominated four times for the Golden Globe Awards and twice for the Academy Awards, he won both for his leading role in “Leaving Las Vegas” and left the club of stars who never won an Oscar, and they deserve it!

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