A visa to the United States can be revoked for Peruvian nationals: this is the request of the Andean Parliament

Andean Parliament will ask the United States to cancel visas for Peruvians (24 hours)

Peruvians can travel to United State without having to ask a visa As a tourist, at least that is the intention Andean Parliamentcomposed of members from Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru, which held plenary session March 22-24, 2023 and agreed to submit this application as an international body to the United States Government.

Among the statements approved in the plenary session was “a resolution requesting the United States of America to abolish the visa requirement for nationals of the Republic of Peru.”

Roxana del Aguila The former head of immigration pointed out that, for the government United State disown me visas For the citizens of any country, not only the good economic stability of that country is important, but also security, which is very important.

This is related to non-commercial aspects, but to security. Unfortunately, we also had serious difficulties (due to) crimes committed in different countries which made it necessary to ask for a visa so that they could be sure of their arrival. United StateDel Aguila explained. News 24 hours.

He added that one of the other problems Peru faced was that many of the immigrants who were able to travel to the United States legally as tourists resided in that country illegally.

The United States could waive the visa requirement for Peruvians if it agreed to the request of the Andean Parliament. (Andes)

he Andean Parliament One of its objectives is to promote integration between Andean nations and Latin America, regionalizing good government practices and state policies, and thus strengthening Andean identity and culture.

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Peruvian representatives are Juan Carlos Ramirez, Luis Gallarita Velarde, Gustavo Pacheco Villar, Fernando Arce Alvarado and Leslie Lazo Fillion.

Currently, the US visa is a necessary document for all Peruvians who want to travel to it United State, Whether for work, business, study, business or just vacations.

To process B1 or B2 visas, categorized for entry for business or tourism purposes, respectively, the following information is required:

To be Peruvian by birth

– You have passport in order and valid for up to six months after the date on which the trip was planned

Ensure that there are reasons to return to the country.

The visa process is done through the website of the US Embassy in Peru. These are the steps to follow:

Determine the type of visa you need to travel to the United States.

Complete the DS-160 form. It is conducted in English and should be printed upon completion.

– Create an account (with email and password) on the visa appointment service website, answer the qualifying questions (you must be honest when filling in the information, otherwise it may affect your process), choose the appropriate visa category, select the office where you want to collect your passport, Pay the visa fee (MRV fee) and make the appointment.

– Make a payment of $ 160, and you need to go to any Scotiabank agency. The amount is not refundable.

– Check your appointment, and when the payment has already been processed, access the information service page again visas Check the date of your interview with the consular officer.

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Go to the interview with your passport, the printed page of Form DS-160, your photo and your birth certificate.

– If your US visa application is approved, you will be notified so that you can collect your document with the stamp attached to it.

For some time now, Peru has been evaluated by the United States for entry into the waiver programme. This consists of a list of countries that are exempt from providing a tourist visa to enter the United States for a period of 90 days.

The stable economy of Peru and the positive results of cases such as the exemption of a Schengen visa for entering Europe or a visa for entering the United Kingdom, can favor this entry to this list. Although it may take a few years.

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