What is lifesaver syndrome?

More people suffer from it than we think. We are talking about lifesaver syndromeand it is about individuals who have a certain attraction to those people who have a problem and want to help them, and therefore you devote all your energy to trying to save them.

Meeting people who need help is not uncommon, but if this becomes common, you likely have lifesaver syndrome. This condition does not appear out of the blue, but is usually carried during childhood and the Adolescencebecause they are eras in which characters and traumas are shaped.

Individuals diagnosed with this syndrome had to be the responsibility of the children, when that was the responsibility of the adults. The result is a need for love, affection, attention, and satisfaction that wasn’t there. The truth is, lifeguard syndrome is more common than we can imagine. This is the main one Signs that help determine that you have this condition:

You need to give what is not given to you

Usually, when you suffer from lifesaver syndrome, you give to others what they could not give to you. You sympathize In a very strong way with people who are going through bad times and you try to solve their problems. This need for constant help, in short, turned out to be obvious Lack of self-love.

Look for recognition in others

It is common for people with lifesaver syndrome, so unawareLook for appreciation, and thank you for the “help” part. This makes them feel good because they are receiving what they haven’t had for a long time.

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Others don’t give it all away

People with this syndrome often complain because they do not realize that the people you helped with all your might and energy do not do the same for you, so they consider it They are not rewarded.

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