World Photography Day: 5 tips for taking professional photos with your cell phone

world photography day (realme)

Every year, on August 19, World Photography Day is celebrated, a date that honors a form of photography art And communication most influential in modern society. The roots of this celebration go back to the historical events that led to the birth Photographyas well as in the continuous development and expansion of this specialization over the years.

Mobile phones have become one of the most used devices for taking pictures, leaving aside the need to hire a professional, however, it is appropriate to say that photographers are still very suitable artists for special occasions that professionals really need.

So, since I use the cell phone a lot, it really gave me these tips to use the cell phone properly cell phone For the best memories:

1. 200 megapixels And natural light: cameras 200 megapixels They have a huge advantage in terms of detail, but to get a truly stunning picture, they must be combined with the natural light of a sunrise or sunset.

Known as the “magic hour” or “golden hour,” these moments will improve the quality of mobile photos.

01-04-2022 Realme GT 2 Pro. REALME Research and Technology Policy

2. Urban mode in mobile photography: This is one of the pros of a cell phone that the essence of the city is captured through urban situation.

The shot is enhanced by removing distractions and bringing out the best in architectural and city scenes.

3. lens wide angle: This feature increases the field of view, so if you ever feel like space is limited in an image, a wide-angle lens is the answer. Therefore, it must be activated in order to get a sense of spaciousness in mobile photos without leaving the place.

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4. Professional quality videos by technology SuperOISToday’s cell phones excel not only in photography but also in video.

This technology ensures seamless recordings, perfect for capturing moments on the go. So if you want to improve your mobile videography skills, this feature is a must.

urban filter on cell phone (realme)

5. Storytelling photography filters: Filters like Nitia and Cinematic, add a different touch to photos. From a vintage approach to a dramatic style.

According to the statistics of the most important consultancies in the world, the telephone is still between 45 and 55% the most used channel in service centers, followed by the telephone Chat, mail, social networks and video In that order.

In Latin America we are close to 55% but with a difference according to age groups, but in the end, when things get complicated or urgent, it doesn’t matter which channel we start, we always end up on the phone and ask to speak to an operator.

The voice tool tends to make customer service more satisfactory, allowing the user to receive specialized, dynamic and comprehensive service. The voice service also provides a more humane and empathetic context, maintains the ability to respond immediately, the ability to parse or make exceptions, and make the answers to customer questions and the solution that meets their needs more qualified,” says Director of Voice Solutions and Unified Communications at Cirion Technologies.

In this way, all that remains is to apply best practices regarding telephony and the call center in general: keep the staff motivated and trained to provide the customer with the best service, the highest level of personal information, do it in a friendly manner and with sufficient availability.

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In times of innovation, the recommendation is to invest in good technologies to improve and ensure maximum productivity for collaborators, because collaborators’ salaries ultimately account for between 65% and 75% of the cost of a service center.

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