Alert from a new virus that steals passwords and bank details and is present in more than 400 applications

A new Trojan virus has been discovered in the Android App Store and it will be present in about 400 apps that compromise banking data.


According to the reports of the past hours about it 400 orders From Google Play Store for Androidpresents a Security gap and allow entry Trojan horse virus on device operating systems that is placed Everyone is in danger Usernames and passwords that allow access to bank details.

name of trojan virus It is identified as throw youas computer science experts explained, more precisely, in cyber security. It’s about “Malware previously identified by those tasked with creating security windows that put financial data at risk.

In reports, it was found that Banking Trojan It was able to get more than 400 apps into the Google Store, but with a new rolling version, it’s much more effective at recognizing system failures and infection of the technological device that people usually have emails where they receive important emails, or those associated with their main apps and apps Entities with which they have a bank account.

Regarding the operation trojan viruswhich aims to hack bank account users’ data with their passwords, it is related to infiltration in applications that pretend to be innocent as well as in applications Verified or acknowledged as an administrator, according to its security flaws, it requested access to 43 permissions, allowing them to control the equipmentI mentioned the company ESET.

It can also infiltrate websites where downloads are made or those that offer updates to their software, making any Android system vulnerable, so that it ends up infecting your apps, in order to copy their usernames and passwords all to commit internet. Forgery.

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