Working in Canada: Finding Mexican Seamstresses

Furniture manufacturing company Canada It’s progress a job to Mexican seamstresses. The monthly salary is 37 thousand and 500 pesos.

for him Work in CanadaThe company seeks seamstresses With three years of experience. In addition, the selected employees will begin their contract in 2023, according to the call published by the National Employment Service (SNE). However, they did not mention a specific start date or the duration of the contract. Employee benefits are also not mentioned.

vacancies full time With business hours Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Sometimes it will be necessary to change roles with other partners.

Work activities in Canada for Mexican seamstresses

between the Activities What to do is:

  • Follow the cutting plans.
  • Sewing, stapling and glueing fabrics.
  • Support the upholstery team.

Requirements to work in Canada

  • You have I finished high school.
  • Reliance on More than three years of experience as a seamstress
  • Shows Knowledge at work sewing projects And follow the patterns to cut the fabric.
  • You have Availability for travel a Canada.

although Speak English or French This is not a requirement, there will be more possibilities for those who have basic knowledge of one of those languages.

How do you apply to work as a Mexican seamstress?

If you are interested in vacant For the company and you meet the profile, present requested by subordinate May 30 through the site In addition, you will have to conduct a virtual interview and a face-to-face technical assessment.

If you need more information, the National Employment Service of the Department of Labor and Social Welfare will guide you. Call 800841 2020 or email us [email protected]. Finally, remember that they are the only ones who can Contact the company. check about Full job offer (click here).

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