Will Joe get the end he deserves?

Netflix has been announced renewal You For the fifth and final season. In addition, in new episodes starring the hit thriller Penn Badgley There will be an important change: Sera Gamble, who was an offer From the series so far, it will be replaced by Michael Foley And Justin W Low in the new installment.

“While I step away from the creative duties of the series to focus on new projects, I am grateful to the co-creators and all-round geniuses, Greg Berlanti and Caroline Kipnis, my friends at Berlanti Productions and Alloy Entertainment, as well as steady partners at Warner Bros. and Netflix.”

“Getting the series together with our writers, producers, directors, cast and crew was such an honor and fun. I feel so lucky to have worked with such a talented artist as Penn Badgley. I’m so proud of what we’ve done.” “And I feel honored to pass the baton on. I am excited to see and support a team You while they are carrying Joe Goldberg’s journey to its most delicious twist ending”.

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Berlanti and Executive Producer Sarah Schechter also released a statement in this regard, saying, “We are incredibly grateful to Netflix, Sera, and everyone who has been a part of this series since the beginning. He is She is the smartest writer and He will remain an essential part of the family You as executive producer. We intend to give him as many ideas as possible for years to come.”

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“Since our friends shared Caroline Kepnes’ wonderful book, we’ve always envisioned the series as a five-season fling. We’re excited to continue our relationship with Mike and Justin as they take charge as co-showrunners and Getting ready to bring Joe Goldberg home”.

Peter Friedlander, vice president of fantasy series content in the US and Canada, said:You It became an instant Netflix sensation with a resounding cultural impact and has grown season after season. We’re excited, and a bit dismayed, to see how this all plays out for Joe Goldberg, but one thing’s for sure: You It will have an unforgettable ending..

Michael Foley and Justin W. Law expressed, “Working with Greg and Sera on You It was the highlight of their career” and that’s how they feel “I’m incredibly honored to be entrusted with the final chapter of Joe Goldberg’s story.”.

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Historical renewal

Season 5 will mark a historic end to You, which premiered in 2018 on Lifetime and was canceled after its first season. However, Netflix wanted to save it, which made it a smash hit all over the world. In addition to announcing the renewal, the platform wanted to ask about the hero’s immediate future: “Will Joe Goldberg Finally Have Doomsday?”.

After the Season 4 finale, Joe has reached the top of the world. It is with his new love, Kate (Charlotte Richie), who has inherited her father’s fortune thanks to Joe that the protagonist and serial killer seems to have managed to erase all traces of his crimes.

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According to Netflix, details of when production will begin for the new episodes will be announced at a later date, but the series will apparently be heading back to New York. In an interview, Gamble admitted that they “would like to go back to New York”.

In terms of the potential outcome for his character, it’s clear that Penn Badgley will have to pay for his crimes and everything he’s done. “Is it enough to kill Joe?” asked the actor in an interview, and he shot it down “He who kills him brings himself down to his level.”.

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