Players have been paying to keep their MMO home for over 20 years: if they stop doing it, the community is celebrating in style – Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn

In Ultima Online, users must pay a monthly fee of $13 and access the game every 2-3 days to maintain this structure.

If you usually invest time in character games mmoit could very well be a name Last seen online. Because, despite the years behind him, this title It continues to attract a good bunch of players to their servers, and today we are surprised to learn that these users are much more loyal to the address than we think. And how do they show it? Pay the monthly delivery fee for over 20 years.

But these players aren’t doing it for charitable reasons, but rather their goal passing Maintain the house they own within the game. This is how user Xabi explains it through a thread on Twitter, as you can see in the post above these lines, delving into the details of this particular custom: ‚ÄúThis is $13/month And Enter the game every 2-3 days Just for that.”

Continuing with Xabi’s explanations, it turns out that Ultima Online differs from other MMOs by offering a file limited world Where, to avoid land hoarding, the houses are placed in common spaces subject to the standards mentioned in the previous paragraph. In this way, the owner of said structure must take responsibility for it to avoid its disappearance, which in turn entails a much awaited moment among the members of the community.

If after 5 days the owner does not enter the same game, he enters ruin, and a random counter is activated from which he is destroyed and Anyone can take all items“, the user continues in the Twitter thread. Therefore, it is not strange to see a large group of players gathering around a house that is about to disappear, because this moment is working on Obtaining items that may have an unusual rarity. In short, it is an event where Ultima Online members need to quickly build their inventories of the best add-ons.

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