Why does Scotland have its own football team if it belongs to the UK?

World football is a very complex concept. There are many aspects to consider that cannot go unnoticed. One of them is directly related to the presence of choice Scotland in international tournaments. Many may wonder why this national team exists, because it belongs to United kingdom. However, it competes under its own flag rather than the Unified Ensign.

In the London Olympics, in 2012 England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland each He made an unprecedented decision: to play the tournament under the same flag, Alam United kingdom. In the case of the Scots and the English we must review why they play under their own national banner.

Scotland, one of the first places to play football

To find out why the Scottish homeland has its own team, and not compete under a flag United kingdomWe must go back to the origins of football itself. much England is like Scotland They were the first two regions to hold class matches, and both teams played the first duel between national teams in history. He was November 30, 1872which was held in the city of Glasgow.

Both teams’ venues had their own flag despite being part of the United kingdom. welshwhose team was created only four years later, at 1876And Irelandwho spawned his band Over 10 Years later, it was other territories that competed under their own flag rather than the common flag. The only time that “unification” occurred was at London Olympic Games 2012.

England and Scotland joined FIFA in 1906.

Barely more than thirty years after the first national team match in history took place, there was an important moment for football around the world: the founding of FIFA. This organization, which rules the fate of sports around the planet, was born in 1904. Oddly enough, its founding members were not England nor Scotland. Spain, Belgium, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland It was the territories that were associated with the existence of a formal organization.

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The moment when the two nations that gave the starting signal for the matches between the different national teams that we know today came together, barely two years later, in 1906. in the same period, welshlike its neighboring regions, joined this organization, which is one of the most important today.

Championship to unify football regulations

Another more interesting point related to this circumstance is that we have to go back to the end of the century. nineteenth. between years 1883 and 1884the top four teams in United kingdom They made the decision to create their own tournament. This one bears the name British House ChampionshipAnd It was also pointed out by El Norte de CastillaIt was intended to standardize the rules governing the sport.

It must be borne in mind, regarding this tournament, that its duration was very extended, as it came at the close of the century. XX. 1984 This was the last year that this competition was held, and it is one of the most important competitions in the world so that football can be considered an Olympic discipline and can be present at the Games, as it is now.

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