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The People’s List failed to get through in August, as did his presidential message. and that is Professor of Physical Education and a citizen of Purén, Araucanía Region, Diego Ancalo An unsuccessful attempt to settle in La Moneda “as a representative of the Mapuche and Chilean world”. He was nominated unacceptable For the filing of more than 23,000 invalid bails – out of 33,369 required – that were signed before a deceased notary. The episode sparked a series of erratic episodes in which Ancalao has been involved in recent years.

In 2017, under the wing of the Canadian Foundation Indigenous Leadership Development Institute, ILDI, (at the Spanish Institute for Leadership Development for Indigenous Peoples) The World Indigenous Business Forum, or WIBF for its English acronym, is organized in Chile. The organization contacted Ankalo To bring the eighth edition of the event to the country and land for the first time in South America.

At that time, Ancalao was already carrying political baggage. He was a candidate for deputy in 2013 as a share of the Institutional Revolutionary Party and aspires to a senator in 2017, as an independent on the Amplio Front list. It also passed through Izquierda Ciudadana (IC). During 2015, he served as Vice President of the Society, and also assumed the interim presidency following the temporary resignation of Sergio Aguilo from the position. That same year, Ancalao took over the position of spokesperson for Nueva Mayoría, a position he held for only one week.

After the Economic Forum held in Guatemala in 2014, Ancalao was able to hold the 2017 edition in Santiago. Activity performance in the country scheduled to be developed in October was announced in May, and by September of that year Ancalao began to appear in press reviews as Foundation Chair for Indigenous Leadership Development Institute. Sources consulted by El Líbero indicate that Ancalao would have begun to use the institution’s Spanish name, without Canadian permission.

And this means: not everything went as the organizers expected, because during the meeting the Canadian representative noticed that Ancalo presented himself as the head of the ILDI in its Chilean branch.

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after what happened NSThe members of the association decided not to take legal action before acting “in bad faith”. From the former People’s List candidate, they excluded him and continued at the annual Forums held in 2018 in Rotorua, New Zealand – a version the leader also attended – and in Vancouver, Canada in 2019, already without him attending. Presence.

ILDI was born in Canada in 2000 as a non-profit organization led and formed by Indigenous peoples. To date, the group has been working to build and enhance the business leadership capacity of indigenous peoples from various countries around the world.

In 2017, the forum was held in a Crowne Plaza de . Hotel Santiago from October 24 to 26 of that year and she had a letter he sent inResident Michelle Bachelet, representatives of indigenous business communities and governments of 16 countries aim to bring together projects of indigenous peoples in Chile to encourage the export of their products. The meeting was supported by the Mapuche Chamber of Commerce, the Department of Energy, ProChile, Conadi, Corfo and the INDAP of the Department of Agriculture.

Install it in your Twitter account, it is presented as Head of http://ildii.cl Foundation. When you open the link, it leads to the website of the Institute for Indigenous Development and Leadership, the name by which the Canadian NGO is known in Spanish.

The page’s website describes that “This institution is similar to the Indigenous Leadership Development Institute in Canada, and was created in Chile, with the aim of promoting indigenous development, from an integrated perspective, taking into account the assessment of cultures, education with identity, the need to create true social cohesion, synthesis Models of sustainable development, political promotion of their rights, development of production and training of leaders.

the description Signing Diego Ancalo as President. There is also a link on the page that leads directly to the World Indigenous Business Forum information or WIBF, although sources consulted by El Líbero insist that Ancalao has nothing to do with the Canadian example.

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This is not a hindrance to Ancalao’s biography, available at https://diegoancalao.cl/, which according to NIC Chile Recorded by himself, he presents himself as “Foundation Chair of the Institute for Indigenous Leadership and Development, Associated with the Indigenous Leadership Institute Inc of Canada (ILDII), WIBF-Chile Legacy 2017 He is a member of the Global Indigenous Business Network. He was also an ambassador at the World Economic Forum for Indigenous Peoples in New Zealand (WIBF-2018).

When consulting the list of institutions available on the civil registry website, there is no record of Fundación Instituto Liderazgo y Desarrollo Indígena in Chile, which lists all institutions of this type registered from 2012 to August 2021. However, there is no Ancalao record in the platformI Deal Lobby As director of the interests of the Foundation, there is evidence of a meeting he held on March 4 of this year with Joaquín Iguillos Herrera, Director of the Fund for Solidarity and Social Investment, FOSIS, Biobío Region, with the aim of “presenting the Foundation headed by it, its objectives and the possibility of concluding mutual cooperation agreements”.

Similarly, the indigenous leader so far belongs to the For Good Living movement in Chile. On the other hand, recently ILDI Chile Twitter account It publishes, for the most part, letters alluding to the nomination of an Aboriginal leader.

falsification of signatures

Diego Ancalo was one of nine presidential candidates registered with the constituency (Cervil) on August 23.

The standard-bearer of the People’s List did not last long, because Serviel rejected him for not complying with 33,369 valid sponsorships, because he would have made 23,135 sponsorships with a condition “in front of me”, on different dates and all before the notary. Patricio Zaldivar McKennaAnd who died in February of this year and the notary stopped working in 2018.

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In response to Servel’s complaint, the former candidate confirmed that he paid $3 million to expedite the signature collection process. Ancalao filed a complaint against Ivan Vladimir Rojas Fernandez, who would have hired him to collect the required sponsorship through notary signatures. In the complaint filed on August 31, he asserted that one of the campaign’s volunteer collaborators: Pablo Razito Barry, It was he who introduced him to Rojas Fernandez.

In response, Razeto sent a A message to the Mercurio He denies any kind of relationship with Ankalo. “The introduction of Vladimir Rojas Fernandez to Ancalao is also wrong, because I do not know until today, and I have no relationship with this person, who I now know was a former partner of my current partner, without her or me,” he added. described in the judicial complaint filed by Mr. Ankalu.

Western issue

else The judicial scandals that were implicated in it occurred in 2013, when The Public Prosecution summoned Diego Ancalo and his brother to testify. The accusation was because of the alleged Forgery and malicious use of a public document with the preparation of a document for the purchase and sale of a house in Gorbeya By Lilian Muñoz, mother of Eduardo Estrada, a former Fach official and one of the victims of the Juan Fernandez plane crash.

As part of this legal process, they will be formalized in Temuco Guarantee Court, however, after several delays to a hearing in which the brothers did not appear in court, accusing them of not being notified, they were taken into custody by Temuco PDI in February 2014.

Now, after eight years of conflict, Ancalo told El Líbero newspaper in June that “this had already been resolved, it had been published, and a public statement had been made at the time. Well, this was a political setup that was tried by certain power groups trying to eliminate the Young Leaders and the Mapuche leaders as it has historically happened. And that ended: in a montage check against me.”

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