After her Hollywood experience, actress Adriana Fonseca was fortunate to return to her origins

It took 11 years for Adriana Fonseca to make a fortune to return to Mexico to once again work on a classic melodrama, like the one that predicted her career over a decade ago.

The Veracruz actress has returned to the Televisa forums as part of the cast of Mi Fortuna es Amarte, produced by Nicandro Diaz, in which she participated privately, but she will be in all of history.

Adriana has lived in Los Angeles for eight years, returning to the place where she previously recorded Rosalinda (1999) and La Usurpadora (1998).

Her and her husband’s home is in California, but now she is focused on giving life to a kind, loving woman, a good mother and an excellent wife, who is also loved and respected in her neighbourhood.

“I haven’t walked these aisles for long, I haven’t signed up on set or rehearsed at CEA,” said the actress who plays Lucia Neto Paz, David Zepeda’s wife on the TV series.

Adriana Fonseca says the accent did not allow her to have better luck choosing films in Hollywood.

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“It’s unbelievable, these forums have so much history and more than nostalgia, the passion is what I feel.”

Adriana, 42, is about to be married for 10 years. She said that since she went to the United States, the first thing she did was prepare and continue to grow as an actress.

“You did well. Los Angeles is a beast, I’ve been there for eight years, and I found another visualization, which I thought would be much easier. I arrived after doing Contra Viento y Marea and thought I’d get a job much easier and faster, and the truth wasn’t” .

“But good because it was a great lesson in my life. I came out of my comfort zone and was preparing more. I took millions of courses, then a couple of sabbaticals devoted myself to studying acting, English and nothing else.”

“Then I looked for acting, made a movie and then came to do theater in Mexico and toured the United States,” he said.
Later, he moved away a bit from Los Angeles and then came back to look for acting again.

“I made another movie before the pandemic, and that’s what I was, like going back and forth, in the two universes,” he added.
He said that his intention was never and never was the desire to be completely away from his country.

“Mexico is very important, it’s the window to Latin America, they produce incredible things, so my house is in Los Angeles, my husband is there, my stuff, but actors like these, like gypsies, suddenly we walk here and sometimes there.”

Adriana decides to start moving, because she can’t let eight more years pass in Los Angeles, a very competitive city, and doesn’t know what could happen no matter how much she wanted to.

“The issue of dialect is still difficult,” he said.

It will be November 9 when the public can see it again with Mi Fortuna es Amarte, which is scheduled to air, for the time being, in Mexico.

“I am so happy, grateful and blessed to have found this wonderful story, and my character will make a special engagement that will be in the whole story but in a special way,” she said.

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The actress returned to Mexico City in early August to join the sites and is already working on the forum.
“The last thing I did (with Televisa) was Mujeres Asesinas, in 2010, long ago, and separated. The last telenovela I did in Mexico after Contra Viento y Marea (2005), and in 2007 Bajo las Reienda del Amor.”

Adriana is happy because she is lucky to be back in Mexican soap operas.

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