The city of Ciudad Juarez is losing $35 million a day due to the Grupo Milenio migration crisis

the Federation of Employers of the Mexican Republic (Coparmix) He said that Migration crisis It generates it, just in Juarez cityChihuahua, $35 million a day is lost in trade.

this Business leadership The federal government urged To implement the necessary actions to solve the problem immediately Migration crisis It has worsened in recent days due to the temporary closure of some border crossings with the US state of Texas.

Ciudad Juarez against the ropes

The humanitarian and economic impacts are being felt in businesses From all over the country that export and import, especially in the following states the border:

  • Chihuahua.
  • Coahuila.
  • New lion.
  • Tamaulipas.

the Coparmix He warned that if Migration crisis, The access of companies and foreign capital will be conditional Product of Close to the beachThere are no conditions for investments to flourish on both sides of the border.

  • An example of economic impact and loss of competitiveness is The train stopped.
  • Verumex flight suspension 60 freight trainsThat is equivalent to 1,800 trucks.

Customs and Border Protection (Customs and Border Protection) l United State Strict review policies Increase average time How much time would it take Review download modules At border crossings.

He expressed that The political and electoral component in United State And MexicoWhich led to extremism of positions between the two countries.

Regarding migrants waiting to cross United Statethe Coparmix He pointed out that V Juarez city There are 12 thousand, and it is estimated that three thousand remained around the wall due to the saturation of the shelters.

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