The deputy of the Chilean Constitutional Congress, who lied when he said he had cancer, resigned

“Given the seriousness of the facts, we have accepted the resignation presented by Mr. Rojas this afternoon to the Vice-President of this Agreement,” the conference board said in a statement.

The admitted Rojas Fadi Lie was the latest scandal that in 70 days overshadowed the People’s List, a heterogeneous group united by a desire to change an unequal country, which surprised the traditional parties in May by winning 27 of the 155 seats in the assembly. That drafts the new Chilean Magna Carta charter.

“I haven’t been honest with you, my family or anyone. To tell them I’ve always lied about my diagnosis, I don’t have cancer,” Rojas Fadi said on Saturday on social media.

Known as ‘El pelao Vade’, he was one of the seven board members and this was revealed after an interview with La Tercera newspaper in which he himself admitted his lie.

He added that he was diagnosed eight years ago with another disease that he did not specify explicitly.

“We maintain our commitment to transparency and integrity,” the conference board added, adding that their work will follow the “expected institutional path.”

Having presumed cancer, Rojas made an impact during the toughest days of society’s outbreak in October 2019, shaving his head and without eyebrows, very skinny and even with an exposed catheter in his wrists and chest. In a blog and in interviews with Rainsey, he then confirmed that he was taking a break from his treatment, including chemotherapy, to share in the country’s historic moment.

In an interview with La Tercera, he was asked if he lied to his constituents. “Yes Pooh,” replied he, then noted, “I feel compelled to quit. I have nothing else to do at the conference.”

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In the past month, The People’s List has suffered the departure of iconic figures that have given it popularity.

At least 17 traditionally resigned from this list after the failure of the presidential nomination of indigenous activist Diego Ancalo, which was rescinded due to the alleged forgery of more than 60% of the required signatures. The notary who certified them passed away in February.

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