Who is Marcelo Flores? The footballer who fights for Mexico, Canada and England

Marcelo Flores, plays with the youth of Arsenal (Photo: Instagram / 10 marceloflores)

Young man from Only 18 years old, He is in sight of three countries to be a part of the national team, due to his remarkable career in European football.

Marcelo Flores was born in CanadaHis mother is originally from that country, but she is of English ancestry. his dad Robin Flores, former Mexican football player . He grew up in Georgetown, Ontario. However, his father was a manager of the Cayman Islands women’s national football team, so Flores spent some time on the islands, where he was invited to a training camp by Ipswich Town youth development coach Steve Foley. In his early beginnings, he impressed more than one, and he quickly joined in Arsenal Academy Via free transfer.

At Arsenal, he had A bright start for the 2020-21 campaign for those under 18, And scored three goals in two matches. After training with the first team, he signed his first professional contract in October 2020.

Young Arsenal player, It can represent three options Who are doing their best to convince you, such as: Mexico, England, and Canada. The latter country hopes to be among its employees in the coming months, as there is activity Gold Cup, World Cup Qualifiers, and possibly the Olympiad.

The 18-year-old made his debut with the European youth team by signing his first professional contract in 2020 (Image: Twitter / Ruboflores)
The 18-year-old made his debut with the European youth team by signing his first professional contract in 2020 (Image: Twitter / Ruboflores)

Mauro Bello, the Sub-23 representative coach, highlighted the youngster’s qualities on the field. “Marcelo Flores is a player we saw, we would of course like to be in the group, he is a player that other organizations seek, at the moment Canada is interested in Marcelo, there will be opportunities along the way for the young player and Canada will do its utmost to try to integrate him into the team. ” Commented.

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Despite his young age, the attacker, who holds 3 nationalities sWe are excited to invite Tata Martino to the first team. He also admitted that at the moment he has no news of him but that he is fully prepared to join the Mexican national team. “I haven’t heard anything yet (about a future call from DT to Major), but I’m working hard to receive it soon and live that experience,”

In recent months there has been talk of a conflict between Mexico, England Canada Soccer Player 18 Years Old; However, he made it clear that he definitely wanted to join TRI teams.

Another similar case is that of the midfielder Jes Alejandro Gómez, player From Good view, Who was called up at the age of 18 by Gerardo Martineau for a September tour in Mexican national team In Europe, Marcelo Flores also dreams of receiving a call fromTata. “

Marcelo Flores, Arsenal, Mexico (Photo: Instagram / 10marceloflores)
Marcelo Flores, Arsenal, Mexico (Photo: Instagram / 10marceloflores)

On the other hand, the young player admits he has more alignment. 10 Behind the attacker instead of Intense , Which had contacts with members Mexican Football Association Those who continued their work in England: “Some people called me from Mexico, and asked me to keep working hard and something good will come soon.”

Also, surprisingly, he announced himself a fan of the MX Expansion League Because of his dad, he passed through the Atlante squad a few years ago and said he doesn’t feel pressured to be put down by Ben 60 promises the world at 2020 Next to Lewis Puente , From Chivas .

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