WhatsApp will test a button to review audios before sending it

WhatsApp will add new features to its platform (Photo: Reuters)

Messaging application The WhatsApp She is developing a new functionality for her voice messaging that It will allow users to review these audio messages before they are sent.

With the new tool, Although it is not available at the momentUsers can listen to audio messages again before chatting with other people. Something that is not easy to implement from the app at the moment.

This is how the specialized portal discovered it WABetaInfo, Which states the job is currently in place growth, Though for now It is only found in icon form and is not available in the app or its beta versions.

The review function will be activated through a new button.CheckWhich, when pressed, allows WhatsApp users Listen to the audio message again. With this tool, Users can review previous audio messages and decide whether to ignore or send them.

Other developments in development

WhatsApp is working on a new tool to migrate chats between iOS and Android (Image: WABetaInfo)
WhatsApp is working on a new tool to migrate chats between iOS and Android (Image: WABetaInfo)

WhatsApp works on a tool Import chat history from Android devices to iOS (iPhone) devices.

It was initially said that the messaging service was developing a tool to export chats from iOS to Android. What is new now is that it will also look to develop a tool that allows exchange from Android to iOS, according to the aforementioned portal, which specializes in providing news that will reach WhatsApp.

This data comes from an analysis of the beta version of WhatsApp Update on Android. As can be seen in the shared image of the aforementioned service, there is a legend that says “Import chat history”. At the top, a circle is displayed as a sign of the transfer progress; And at the bottom is the retry button.

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Google Drive will likely be used to store information during the process, and after completing this import tool, WhatsApp is developing an Android export and iOS import tool.

The chat history migration tool is still under development and will be available in the future for Android and iOS devices. Currently, there are other services to perform this process, but they are not official and may lead to violations of their terms of service, according to WhatsApp.

The app is also working on a new option to delete temporary messages within 24 hours. At the moment, it only has a default option that causes content to be deleted after 7 days, but it looks like it might include a tool to delete messages automatically after 24 hours.

We must remember that temporary messages are currently available for all conversations on WhatsApp. It is an option that the user can activate and if he does, the messages sent in the conversation will automatically disappear after a week.

Offline option Developing But it will reach users in a “future update” of the app for iOS, Android, and desktop.

on the other side, Last week, the app added an option that lets you change the speed of playing Voice Memos Up to twice what was recorded in the original format. This will save time when listening to audio, especially the long ones.

So now when we introduced it to “play” or play an audio message, the contact picture and microphone appeared, but now the speed will appear. In this sense, “1X” will be equal to the normal speed, if pressed this symbol will change to “1.5X”, that is, 50% faster, and if the procedure is repeated it will be “2X” or twice as fast.

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