WhatsApp will allow you to reply to messages with any emoji

These are the reactions currently available in the app (Image: Twitter)

Reactions to messages on Whatsapp has become a reality since May 5 of this year when Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced it, but this post only contains 6 emojis in total.

emojis like, I love her, she amuses me, amaze me, saddens me and bump into my hand or clap; They are the only ones currently available within the messaging platform.

However, with more than 6000 emojis available on mobile and computer keyboards, the developers of the app thought that it would be good for users to interact with whatever they wanted.

So the first clues to what this functionality will be is already arriving in beta versions of Android and iOS.

According to the WaBetaInfo portal, which is responsible for publishing the latest features and updates of WhatsApp, as well as filtering unverified information, the possibility to interact with any emoji available on the platform has already become a reality in beta versions for Android and 22.14 .0.71 for iOS.

Which will be an indication that this feature will soon be available for all downloaded versions of the messaging platform. According to the method introduced in the beta version, the way to interact with any emoji on messages will be as follows:

Press and hold on the message you want to reply to.

– When the six already available emoji appear on the screen, a gray + icon will appear right next to it.

– By pressing + photo, on Android, the active keyboard will appear in the emoji section to add it, and on iOS you will see a list of all the emojis.

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According to portal leaks, in this way emojis can be added to the reactions section, however we will have to wait to see if this bar will be customizable, or not, and can add favorite emojis by default, or if you like the emoticons section, the emoticons used will be displayed Recently.

Anyway, at the moment, almost no user can access this functionality since the beta version is very limited, so we have to wait for an official confirmation from the company.

On the other hand, it seems that WhatsApp has been very intent in recent days to bring updates and new features to its users, as it was only known a few days ago that the app will have avatars for making video calls.

With the above, these 3D avatars will be customizable and will be specially designed for video calling. In this way, the real picture of people will not appear, but rather the digital creation can be seen using 3D modeling.

This will be a very useful tool for the days when people just don’t feel comfortable or simply don’t want to be seen on camera, being able to use these avatars to make a digital picture of themselves in video calls.

And although the main purpose of these 3D characters developed by WhatsApp is teleconferencing, they can also be used as stickers to send in individual chats or share in groups.

Finally, these fully customizable avatars can be part of the metaverse that the Meta is developing.

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