WhatsApp functionality that few know and is a great goal

Marking texts in WhatsApp is now easier than ever. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Open WhatsApp on your device.

  • Enter a chat and start typing a text.

  • To highlight a word or phrase, just put an asterisk

  • at the beginning and end of the text you want to highlight.

  • If you are using an Android device, you can make use of the shortcuts to speed up the process. You just have to click on a word or the entire text that you want to highlight and a menu will open. Click on the “Bold” option and the shading will be applied automatically.

For iPhones, touch and hold a word or phrase to select it. Then click Select or Select All. Finally, choose the “Bold” option and your text will be highlighted instantly. With this new functionality, The WhatsApp

It seeks to provide its users with the ability to highlight and emphasize certain words or messages in their conversations. This can be particularly useful for highlighting important information, focusing attention on a particular point, or simply adding a visually appealing touch to chats. The launch of this new trick has generated great expectations and its users The WhatsApp

They are eager to try it out and get the most out of it. Marking up texts is now a simple task that will allow for more effective and clear communication on the platform. If you are a user WhatsApp, Feel free to try this new feature and see how your words and messages are highlighted in your conversations.

Surprise your contacts and make your conversations more expressive and attractive with this simple yet effective WhatsApp trick! The WhatsApp It continues to establish itself as one of the most popular messaging applications and its continuous development shows its commitment to providing an enhanced user experience that adapts to current needs.

Don’t miss your chance to take full advantage of this new feature and take your conversations to the next level!

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